Statement Online - Winter 2010

Governor Patrick

Governor Patrick announces initiative

to enhance teaching in public schools

At a press conference held on the campus of Salem State, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced the establishment of six regional centers that will focus on enhancing the quality of teaching in Massachusetts schools. The Readiness Centers, one of which is located at Salem State, will help educators evaluate programs and assess their needs with respect to improving teaching and learning.

Salem State, which houses the Northeast Regional Readiness Center (NCRR) on its campus, is one of eight community colleges, four-year colleges and universities north of Boston that form the NCRR.

Photo caption: Governor Deval Patrick announces an initiative to enhance the quality of teaching during a press conference at Salem State. Photo credit: Eugena Ossi/Governor's Office

Geology students install sea-level monitoring equipment at Central Wharf in Salem

Geology students install sea-level monitoring equipment at Central Wharf in Salem

New scientific evidence shows that the speed of global warming in some places is outpacing even the most extreme projections. A report [PDF] by World Wildlife Fund and insurer Allianz warns that sea levels could rise as much as 26 inches along the U.S. coast by 2050, placing assets worth $7.4 trillion at risk.

In the report, Boston is cited as the city with the fourth greatest risk exposure. The top three are Miami with $2.8 trillion; New York-Newark area with $1.8 trillion and New Orleans with $753 billion.

In collaboration with the National Park Service of Salem, Salem State’s Department of Geological Sciences has been awarded a 28-year permit to monitor sea level changes in Salem Harbor.

Professor Doug Allen, with Professors Brad Hubeny and Peter Sablock, is leading the sea level monitoring team which consists of students from the department. “Rising sea levels are a major concern for coastal communities,” said Allen. “With this equipment, we can detect patterns of change simply by removing the equipment, and plugging it into computers in our lab.”

Salem State is feeding this information to the National Park Service as part of an effort to study the effects of global warning on Salem’s coastline.

View photos of students and faculty working at Central Wharf in Salem.