Erin DiCarlo '09, Geography; Travel and Tourism

Erin DiCarlo '09

I had the chance to be supported by excellent teachers and fellow students. I had the wonderful opportunity of getting not one, but two jobs based solely on my experiences at Salem State in the Geography Department.

Salem State is an excellent school. I never thought I would have such an enriching academic career. All of my teachers, specifically those in the Geography Department, really helped mold me into who I have become and have prepared me for life in the "real world."

Some of my favorite moments at Salem State include: working in the Digital Geography Lab; walking around campus with a GPS unit; taking a walking tour of Downtown Salem in the middle of Haunted Happenings Madness with Professor Matchak; being introduced to Geography by Professor Krebs and loving it so much I switched my major from Education to Geography, Travel and Tourism; our weekly Friday breakfasts; the picnic at Salem Willows when it poured buckets; our meetings every semester with all kinds of delicious goodies; and all of the friends I made and the relationships I had with each of my professors!

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