Project Work

A project is an in-depth investigation of a topic worth learning more about. The investigation is usually undertaken by a small group of children, sometimes by a whole class, and occasionally by an individual child. The key feature of a project is that it is a research effort deliberately focused on finding answers to questions about a topic posed by the children, teachers or parents," Lilian Katz. The length of the project may vary from a couple of weeks to several months.

Project work is only one aspect of the curriculum. There are many learning areas and activities where children are actively engaged. They include singing time, block building, dramatic play, group story time, snack time, and outdoor play to name a few. "The extended time and in-depth nature of projects enables rich documentation of children's growth and development of skills," Katz.

Documentation panels are developed which tells the story of the evolving project. With teacher narratives, photographs, conversations, and sample drawings the history of the project comes alive. Children, teachers, parents and visitors can see first hand what the children are learning and how the investigation is proceeding.