Library Media Development Committee

Advises and assists the Library and Instructional Media Center in ascertaining present and future needs; advises ongoing and future programs; makes reports and recommendations related to Library and Instructional Media Center as academic support area.

Committee Members for Academic Year 2014-2015

Derek Barr, instructional technologist, center for teaching innovation
Annette Chapman-Adisho, associate professor, history, Vice-Chair
Nancy Dennis, Senior Librarian, Library, Chair
Lisa Mulman, associate professor, English
Zachary Newell, interim director, library and academic support
Gail Rankin, director, information technology services, recorder

Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2015 LMDC 15/16:01
October 28, 2015 LMDC 15/16:02
February 1, 2016 LMDC 15/16:03

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