All-University Committee

The all-university committee shall encourage the participation of all members of the bargaining unit, members of the university administration and members of the student body in the process of decision making. The committee shall be the primary agency for coordinating and implementing such participation in accordance with the provisions of this article. Whenever any matter is submitted by any person who is a member of the university community for consideration by the all-university committee or any standing committee, such matter shall be submitted to the all-university committee and shall thereafter be promptly referred by the committee to such standing committee, if any, within whose purview such matter falls; provided, however, that in the event that there shall be no standing committee within whose purview such matter falls, the all-university committee shall, in accordance with Section D(3) hereof, refer such matter to an ad hoc committee. Such assignments to standing committees shall be made in accordance with the duties of such committees as they are hereinafter set forth.

Committee Members for Academic Year 2016-2017

Joanne Carlson, assistant professor, school of nursing
Amy Everitt, professor, healthcare studies
James Fallon, professor, theatre and speech communication
Gayle Fischer, associate professor, history
Ryan Fisher, professor, biology
James Forina, student, SGA
Rebecca Kaplan, student, SGA
Karen House, CFO, financial services
Scott James, vice president, enrollment management and student life
Kanishkan Sathasivam, associate professor, political science
David Silva, provost and academic vice president, academic affairs
Amy Smith, associate professor, communications
Anne Sullivan, professor, criminal justice
Daniel Veira, student, SGA
Stephen Young, professor, geography, chair

Meeting Minutes

To view previous years minutes please visit the archived minutes.

 October 21, 2016 AUC16/17:01

Meeting Dates