Off-Campus Employer JLD Participation

If you are an off-campus employer, you may be eligible to participate in Salem State University's Job Locator Development (JLD) program. As part of a federal grant to provide financial aid through job opportunities for our currently enrolled students, we offer businesses a free listing service for part-time (less than 32 hours) and summer jobs, as well as on-campus recruiting activities. Jobs located or developed via JLD should suit scheduling and other needs of students and must, to the maximum extent practicable, complement the student's educational or vocational goal. JLD listings may be for profit or non-profit businesses.

How to Join
To participate, please complete and email us the form below. SEO will review, assign a Job Number, and send the employer a Job Number Notification. We typically post the job within the week that the employer has submitted all required information. Job opportunities may be viewed by students once they log into their Navigator account. This grant requires that we report how many students worked in JLD positions and how much they earned. We do not report any specific information about the positions or the employers. The SEO will contact all employers using JLD to determine if they have hired any Salem State University students.

To participate in the JLD Program at Salem State University, please fill out the form below.


Student Employment Handbook [PDF 571KB]

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