Carlos Camelo '05 Political science major, foreign language minor

Carlos Camelo

Carlos Camelo graduated from Salem State in 2005 with a major in political science and minors in foreign languages (French/Italian/Spanish) and Latin American studies. At Salem State, he participated in summer study abroad programs in both Spain and Qu├ębec, Canada. Carlos found his dream job with NBC Universal several years after graduation. He works now as a sourcing manager for World-Wide Telemundo, the Spanish-language television station. In his travels around the world for Telemundo, Carlos is able to use both his language skills and the cross-cultural people skills he acquired in his foreign language classes. When asked about his work, Carlos said, "I lead negotiations and contracts with all the vendors and services our company requires to operate. For example, I deal with advertising agencies preparing our creative content and media placement." Carlos loves his job and its travel perks, noting, "I have to work with the special and entertainment departments, supporting their worldwide specials like Miss Universe in Vietnam, the Olympics in China or just simply operations in Latin America. That's why I travel so much!"

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