I don't have internet access

Where are you? Does anyone else have it? If yes, it may be your connection. Are you on wireless? Is your link light on? Can you access other systems like email?

I forgot my password

Which password? You can use the Forgot Password link to reset your own password. 

My pc is “dragging” or very slow

How many windows do you have open? You may need to shut down and reboot. Is anyone else having the same problem? Report any network problems to the helpdesk. 

How do I activate my ID for the test environment?

Send a request to the indicating your ID and what systems you need.

How do I install the shared drive for my employee?

If access to a drive requires security, send request to it-helpdesk. 

What is our mail server name?

 msmail - staff for student blackberries

I just changed my name, how can I fix my email and login?

You must first have it changed at the registrar/admissions office. Then once it is changed in Peoplesoft, it can then be changed in WebCT and email.

How do I get to from my work?

Have your network administrator open port 8052

I want to switch computers with someone else in my office, his is newer.

Please contact your chair, dean or supervisor about a new computer while our refresh program is on hold due to lack of funding.    

I am a new faculty person, how do I get my grades in for my students?

See the registrar’s site, at the bottom, there is info under faculty information to show how to enter grades online via their Navigator account.