University-Wide Assessment Advisory Committee Members

2015-2016 UWAAC Members

James Gubbins (interdisciplinary studies)

Julie Belock (mathematics)                                                         ext. 6338
Marc Boots-Ebenfield (center for teaching innovation) ext. 6718
Mathew Chetnik (first year experience) ext. 7572
Neal DeChillo (college of health and human services)    ext. 6630
Cynthia Lynch (civic engagement)                                    ext. 2873
Fidelis Manyanga (chemistry & physics) ext. 2774
Amy Jo Minett (english) - recorder                       ext. 2621
Bruce Perry (enrollment management & student life ext. 6435
Jose Salgado (education) ext. 2922
Karen Sayles (strategic planning and decision support)         ext. 6346
Allan Shwedel (education)      ext. 6643
Dorothy Siden (economics) ext. 6681
Jeramie Silveira (occupational therapy) ext. 6694