University-Wide Assessment Committee Members

2013-2014 UWAC Members

Christopher Fauske (communications)
Severin Kitanov (philosophy)

Julie Belock (mathematics)                                                         ext. 6338
Mathew Chetnik (first year experience) ext. 7572
Elizabeth Coughlan (political science) ext. 7296
Neal DeChillo (College of Health and Human Services)    ext. 6630)
Nancy Dennis (library) ext. 6218
Michele Davila Goncalves (foreign languages) ext. 7425
Chris Fauske (communications)                                             ext. 6853
Ryan Fisher (biology)                                                          ext. 6841
James Gubbins (interdisciplinary studies) ext. 6179
Severin Kitanov (philosophy)                                                  ext. 6219
Sanjay Kudrimoti (accounting and finance)                           ext. 6641
Michael Mobley (psychology)                                  ext. 2619
Bruce Perry (enrollment management & student life ext. 6435
Karen Sayles (institutional effectiveness and planning)         ext. 6346
Allan Shwedel (education)                                                      ext. 6643