Project List

Current Projects

Peabody Master Plan
This project will create a conceptual framework for the city of Peabody to visualize opportunities and integrate into an updated master plan. Realistic economic improvement strategies based on market analysis, mapping and other data gathering techniques will be offered. Transportation issues, both public and road will be identified, and a discussion of potential solutions offered. The project will further suggest appropriate support mechanisms, target markets and economic revival directions.

Summary of Economic Impact Study for Salem State University

This bi-annual report explores the economic, social and infrastructural impacts of Salem State University on its community, region and state areas. It considers many of the associated enterprises, centers, and outreach activities included in three entities: Salem State University, Salem State University Assistance Corporation and the Salem State University Foundation, Inc. and the broader implications that affect the economy and quality of life in these regions.
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Completed Projects

Suffolk Downs Massachusetts Equine Study  (July 2013)
An overview of the current state agricultural economic contribution associated with breeding, raising and training Thoroughbred horses in Massachusetts. This includes an analysis of the following data:

·        Number of Massachusetts Thoroughbred stallions, mares, and yearlings,
·        The number of Thoroughbred farms/training facilities with acreage,
·        Associated expenditures (farriers, transportation services, feed, veterinarian services);
·        Expenditures on equipment in support of the Thoroughbred agricultural economy;
·        Expenditures on Thoroughbred transportation services;
·        Expenditures on feed, other equine care.

Essex River Project (July 2012)
In response to the significant interest within the town of Essex in creating an area of increased accessibility for the public on Essex River, a feasibility study was conducted.  This study considered a range of possibilities and explored the potentials for economic growth surrounding the Essex River
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Lynn: Economic Development and Outlook  (April 2012)

This report was prepared for the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce to broadly explore the economic development situation in the City of Lynn. The aim was to gain an understanding of the community’s goals and growth potentials, determine what components must exist to meet those goals, identify obstacles and provide suggestions and recommendations for future directions. The purpose was not an extensive background on Lynn, Mass., rather this study was intended to provide suggestions and recommendations and serve as a basis for formulating a strategy to capitalize on the identified opportunities.
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Ipswich: Economic Development Analysis (October 2011)
The Ipswich Partnership funded this study to support the town of Ipswich’s community vision and provide recommendations for opportunities of growth in several areas. As such, the study provides an overview of the current economic development situation and offer suggestions and recommendations regarding its growth potential and subsequent strategies.
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