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PARKING & TRAFFIC Parking and Traffic Enforcement Aug 22, 2014-Friday at 08:34 14-08-22-024877


Received call regarding a car parked in parking space #24, caller is parking her car in

space #23 since her space is occupied.  Sgt. DeFelice located the owner, and they will

be moving the car.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON Suspicious Person Aug 22, 2014-Friday at 09:17 14-08-22-024880


Location: OFF CAMPUS

Summary: C.I.D. - looking into a suspicious person at the President's Home, Salem PD to be advised.

ADMINISTRATIVE Complaint Received by Person or Persons Aug 22, 2014-Friday at 11:02 14-08-22-024890


Anyonomus caller advising people parking in reserved lot without sticker. Dispatch notified Student

Life to make an announcement regarding the issue, per Sgt. DeFelice. All in order.

VEHICLE Vehicle Stop Aug 22, 2014-Friday at 18:18 14-08-22-024923

Officer Schumann reports out with MA Reg 161YW4. Motor Vehicle is occupied by 3 parties. Officer Hoole

to provide assistance. Officer Schumann reports that the operator was issued a verbal warning for

speeding and stop sign violation.

MUTUAL AID Assisting other Police Aug 22, 2014-Friday at 20:12 14-08-22-024925

Location: OFF CAMPUS

Summary: Officer Schumann to standby in the area while Salem P.D. investigates an altercation.

ADMINISTRATIVE Complaint Received by Person or Persons Aug 23, 2014-Saturday at 08:15 14-08-23-024959


City of Salem resident contacted SSUPD to complain of loud music coming from the OKeefe parking

lot. Dispatch notified the caller that the music was due to a road race fundraiser. Dispatch

contacted Salem PD who is working the detail. Salem PD reports the music was playing as a part of

the road race, SPD dispatch notified the supervisor of the police detail.

MEDICAL Any Medical Assist, Non-Alcohol Related Aug 23, 2014-Saturday at 15:59 14-08-23-024997


Female party calling to advise of a past medical yesterday (8/22) in the Peabody Hall lot. Dispatcher

Andrasik advised female party that she needs to come to the police station to fill out a police report.

MUTUAL AID Assisting other Police Aug 23, 2014-Saturday at 21:15 14-08-23-025023

Location: OFF CAMPUS

Salem P.D. dispatched an officer to investigate a report of a party passed out behind the wheel of a

parked motor vehicle. Officer Hoole reports that she is out with that motor vehicle. MA Reg 268HW4. Officer 

Hoole, clear, Salem PD taking over the scene.

VEHICLE Vehicle Stop Aug 23, 2014-Saturday at 21:54 14-08-23-025028

Officer Santiago reports out with MA Reg 45XC87. Dispatcher Cornacchio notified Salem P.D by

base radio. Ofc. Santiago issued the operator a written warning for a red light violation. All clear,

SPD notified.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Suspicious Activity Aug 23, 2014-Saturday at 22:14 14-08-23-025031


Vehicle observed on CCTV by Disp. Andrasik parking in the middle of the CPOL driveway, MA PC

1KA884. Ofc. Crabtree out with vehicle. Ofc. Crabtree advises that the operator claims he is lost and

checking out a map. All in order.

MEDICAL Any Medical Assist, Non-Alcohol Related Aug 24, 2014-Sunday at 03:32 14-08-24-025064


Location: MARSH HALL

Salem PD received a 911 call for a medical in room 253. Party who called 911 stated that her room

mate may have suffered a leg injury. Party with the injury was transported to Salem ER by Atlantic

ambulance. See report for more details.

SERVICE CALL Motorist Assistance Aug 25, 2014-Monday at 14:29 14-08-25-025211

Location: MARSH HALL

Summary: Off. Bordenca to assist an SSU employee with a lockout.

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