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Philosophy, Application and Jurisdiction


The university’s approach to student discipline is an educative and preventative one. Discipline is properly the concern of the entire university community, the student body, faculty, administration, and staff. Acting in the belief that representative student groups should share responsibility with other university personnel for enforcing campus policies and rules, the university makes provisions in its process for students to adjudicate most cases of student conduct.

Participation on a student conduct and mediation board represents one of the clearest examples of meaningful student involvement in institutional self-governance at Salem State University. Board members are dedicated to the maintenance of a system which keeps in mind the needs of the university in preserving an atmosphere of order conducive to the pursuit of educational goals and, at the same time, one which fully protects the rights of all members of the community.

The overall administration of discipline at the university is the responsibility of Dean of Students office in cooperation with the Student Government Association.


The regulations and any amendments shall apply to all part-time and full-time undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students at Salem State University, and shall be considered part of the conditions of admission and enrollment of such students.  Unless students have officially withdrawn from the university, they are assumed to be in continuous enrollment, including students on a leave of absence. As such, they are subject to the disciplinary regulations and procedures which follow.

In case of any conflicts or inconsistencies with any other rules, regulations, policies, and directives now existing, these regulations shall govern and shall be enforced by the president of Salem State University.

The university, upon recommendation from the appropriate governance committees, reserves the right to alter any or all of the student conduct and mediation system. Reasonable notice shall be furnished to the university community of any substantial change.

Salem State University is dedicated to the maintenance of a student conduct and mediation system which reasonably represents and is responsive to all members of the university community.  It is the policy of Salem State to offer opportunities for student conduct and mediation board participation and to insure equality of treatment of students charged with university violations without regard to race, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin.  In implementing this policy, the university follows the guidelines and requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Higher Education Act of 1972 as well as state and federal regulations regarding equal employment and affirmative action. To request accommodations, please contact disability services at 978.542.6217 or disability-services@salemstate.edu.


The rules of conduct that are outlined in these regulations are designed to promote the welfare of the academic community by preserving an environment in which reasoned debate and the pursuit of learning can flourish.  These rules will therefore govern the following:
1. Conduct that occurs within the physical bounds of North, Central, and South Campuses, the O'Keefe Complex, and Cat Cove Marine Laboratory or in any university facility;
2. Conduct, wherever it occurs, that occurs while a student is attending or participating in any university related activity, including a sporting event, a field trip, or the like;
3. Conduct, wherever it occurs, that calls in question a student's suitability as a member of the academic community, including acts of violence, the sale or possession of drugs, violations of another's civil rights, and acts against persons and property.