Video Services

Students producing video in TV Studio
  • Instructional video production services. 
  • TV studio, three cameras, lighting, audio mixing and green screen image effects. Must be scheduled in advance, and is available by appointment to faculty and  students.
  • Portable productions: Classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, outdoors. Scheduled in advance with IMC staff. Off-campus productions may be arranged in relation to  program needs, and availability of IMC staff.
  • Video editing of college programs and presentations :
     Final Cut w/Apple systems (3)
     Avid system w/PC (1)
     Audio editing with Audacity 
  • Project planning, scripting  and development with faculty and administrative offices: Pre-production planning, shooting, post-production editing, distribution. 
  • In-class demonstrations on instructional video production techniques for faculty and students. 
  • Recording of guest speakers. 
  • Web CT course video material production. 
  • Display media production assistance:
    Laminating machine
    Still photos

Contact Us

Ron Rodriguez, Instructional Media Specialist
Location: Meier Hall 114, North Campus
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5pm