Bulk Mail Processing

Bulk Mail Services

Bulk mail is classified into two categories: Standard Mail A Bulk Mail, and Special Non-Profit Bulk Mail. To be acceptable under either of the bulk mail classes, the shipment must consist entirely of printed material (not individually typed or handwritten) and each item must weigh under 16 oz. If there is any first class material included, the mailing is not eligible for bulk mail reduced rates.

Standard Mail A Bulk Mail

  • Mailings must consist of at lease 200 pieces or weigh 50 pounds, not including intercampus or foreign mail.
  • Each mailing must consist of items identical in size, weight, envelopes and enclosures.
  • Maiilings may not be, or have the characteristics of a bill or statement of account, nor may they include any personal correspondence (hand-written or typed).
  • All pieces in the mailing must include a ZIP code.
  • Foreign mail may not be mailed at the bulk rate.

Special Non-Profit Bulk Mail

  • Salem State Mail Services is responsible for all authorized use of the College's non-profit bulk rate license and for forwarding all charges incurred in this use.
  • "Salem State College" is the holder of a non-profit bulk rate permit. All Salem State mailings at the Special Rate must have as the return address the name "Salem State College" on the first line. The name of a Salem State division or department may appear as the second line, but only the words Salem State College may be on the first line of the return address.
  • Only integral departments of the College are allowed to use the permit. Any clubs, organizations, projects, etc., which are not official parts of the College, even though they may have College personnel as officers or members, are prohibited from using the College's permit.
  • Only registered organizations that are not-for-profit may be authorized to mail at the Special Non-Profit Bulk Rate. Authorization must be obtained to use the Ssalem State Permit number.
  • Advertisements or endorsements of another company, hotel, bank, credit card, or person are forbidden. Co-sponsorship with anyone not authorized for the special rate with the Salem Post Office is not allowed. These mailings will not qualify for the non-profit bulk rate.

Bulk Mailing By Outside Mailing Company

  • All printed matter printed by an off campus printing firm and then sent to a mail house for mailing, must have form 3602 sent to Monica Clinkscales in the mailroom.
  • Addresses must include a ZIP code. When planning a bulk mailing, order database labels in numerical ZIP code order.
  • A mail slip requisition form with an authorized signature must be included with each bulk mailing, and should contain the following information:
Department name and chartfield.
Number of pieces to be mailed
Any special instructions (addressing, sealing, etc.)
Authorized signature
Contact person and phone number.
  • Complete list of postal rules, rates, and regulations regarding Non-Profit Bulk Mail is in the Domestic Mail Manual, a US Post Office publication. A copy is available at the Campus Mail Room.
  • Departments that are planning any mailings should gather all mailing information prior to sending correspondence to the printer for review by Salem State Mail Services. Failure to comply with US Postal Service regulations concerning size, permits, address placements, barcodes, and contents could cause delivery delays and additional postage charges. Also, an advance notice of one day is necessary for high volume mailings so that special handling for pick-up can be provided. Call Mail Services at ext. 6012 for questions concerning postal regulations or additional information.