Mail Processing

All outgoing mail must have a department mail slip requisition attached to it. This is necessary for accuracy in charging back the postage cost of the mailing to the correct department.


First Class Mail Processing

This level of service is appropriate for any urgent, time-sensitive mail that has a significant impact on the operations and need to be delivered as quickly as possible should be sent first class. Examples: proposals, billing statements, orders, etc.

Priority Mail Processing

Priority Mail receives two to three-day delivery nation wide. These delivery standards are ideally suited for package or document mailers whose need for speed does not justify the high cost of overnight services. Priority mail gets preferential surface transportation to nearby destinations and is flown to distant areas.

Express Mail Processing

Express Mail-next-day-service is designed for mailers who occasionally need reliable overnight delivery of important items. A corporate account has been established with the US Postal Service for the university. Postage fees will be charged back to departments. Call ext. 6520 regarding mail labels and specially-marked mailing containers.

Coordination of Express Mail Received at the University

Express mail sent to Salem State faculty or staff arrives at the campus mailroom located at 352 Lafayette Street. Faculty and staff express mail is delivered to the campus mail room at 352 Lafayette Street. Mail service personnel, acting as agents for the Salem Post Office, accept and sign for it. A log is maintained recording identification and delivery information for incoming express mail. When mail services receives express mail for faculty and staff, the addressee will be contacted by telephone and will be asked to pick-up and sign for the item at the campus mail room.

Certified Mail and Return Receipt Mail Processing

Certified Mail service provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a record that the mail was received at the address to which it was sent. No record of the mail piece is kept at the Salem Post Office; however, it is logged in at the final receiving Post Office. The handling and delivery method for Certified Mail differs from first-class mail in the logging procedure. In most cases it is slower than first class mail. Return Receipt Mail is designed for items having no intrinsic value such as letters, files, records, etc., which are sent as first class mail. No insurance coverage is provided. A return receipt is provided to the sender. Proof of delivery may be obtained for an additional fee. The return receipt will be mailed to the sender after the mail has been delivered.

Insured Mail Processing

The Insured Mail Service provides payment for loss or damage to third and fourth class mail or first class priority mail containing third or fourth class matter. The maximum liability for insured mail is $600. A return receipt may be requested to show written evidence of delivery.