National Institutes of Health (NIH) Presentations 

ESI and New Investigators [PPT]

The ESI presentation created by the NIH Deputy Director clarifies who is considered a new investigator and provides information about how to expedite the transition from being a new investigator to an early stage investigator (ESI). This presentation also identifies resources and provides tips for those who are new ESI’s.

Early Stage Investigators Program Perspective [PPT]

The Early Stage Investigator presentation discusses the different ESI designations as well as the different grant award types available to ESI’s.

NIH AREA (R15) Program Update [PPT]

The Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) Program presentation reveals the goals of the program in addition to providing insight into the application process and strategies to compete for funding.

NIH Career Development Program Opportunities [PPT]

The NIH career development presentation describes the different award levels and requirements for applicants.

Financial Conflict of Interest [PPT]

In this presentation, the applicable federal regulations relating to financial conflict of interest (FCOI) are explained. The responsibilities of those involved in a research project are also further clarified.

Grant Writing for Success [PPT]

Researchers interested in NIH grant opportunities are walked through the application process and strategies yielding best results.

NIH Peer Review Process [PPT]

There are several important components of the peer review process. This presentation demonstrates the workings of a peer review committee including: core values, review criteria, evaluation process, scoring system, meeting procedures, etc.

Writing a Successful Career (K) Application [PPT]

Writing a successful career application includes taking appropriate steps for planning and writing an application, conducting research, developing a strategy, and having an impact during the review process. This presentation outlines this process in addition to providing resources to keep up with the latest updates and trends.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Presentations and Guides 

National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposal Preparation Presentation [PDF]
The NSF proposal presentation details the different funding opportunities and resources available. Anything one might want to know about the policies and procedures of generating a proposal for an award is outlined in this presentation.

NSF EHR Overview [PDF]
This document provides an overview of the divisions within the Directorate of Education and Human Resources as well as funding rates for the various divisions.