CTL Books

Abraham, Ansley A.
Racial issues on campus : how students view them [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1061865"]

Academic departments : how they work, how they change [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1961579"]

The academic's handbook

Accommodations--or just good teaching? : strategies for teaching college students with disabilities

Acheson, Keith A. 
Techniques in the clinical supervision of teachers : preservice and  inservice applications

Achieving against the odds : how academics become teachers of diverse  students

Addressing the spiritual dimensions of adult learning : what educators  can do

Adult basic skills : innovations in measurement and policy analysis
 Adult education and social responsibility : reconciling the  irreconcilable?

Adult learners, education, and training

 Adult learning and development : perspectives from educational  psychology

 Affirmative action and the university : a philosophical inquiry

Aguirre, Adalberto.
Chicanos in higher education : issues and dilemmas for the 21st century

Allan, George.
Rethinking college education

Alstete, Jeffrey W.
Benchmarking in higher education : adapting best practices to improve  quality

Angelo, Thomas A.
Classroom assessment techniques : a handbook for college teachers

Approaches to teaching non-native English speakers across the  curriculum

 Are you politically correct? : debating America's cultural standards

Armstrong, Thomas.
Multiple intelligences in the classroom [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1070196"]

The Art and craft of teaching
Assessing students' learning

Assessment and access : Hispanics in higher education
Assessment matters in higher education : choosing and using diverse  approaches
Astin, Alexander W.
Assessment for excellence : the philosophy and practice of assessment  and evaluation in higher education

Astin, Alexander W.
What matters in college? : four critical years revisited [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1932364"]

Atkin, J. Myron.
Inside schools : a collaborative view
Austin, Ann E.
Faculty collaboration : enhancing the quality of scholarship and  teaching

Baiocco, Sharon Ann.
Successful college teaching : problem-solving strategies of  distinguished professors [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1926416"]

Bartley, William Warren.
Unfathomed knowledge, unmeasured wealth : on universities and the wealth of nations

Bateman, Walter L.
Open to question : the art of teaching and learning by inquiry

Bates, Tony.
Effective teaching with technology in higher education : foundations for success

Bates, Tony.
Managing technological change : strategies for college and university  leaders

Baxter Magolda, Marcia B.
Knowing and reasoning in college : gender-related patterns in students'  intellectual development

Bean, John C.
Engaging ideas : the professor's guide to integrating writing, critical  thinking, and active learning in the classroom

for best practices in the public sector : achieving performance
breakthroughs in federal, state, and local agencies

Bennett, John B.
Academic life : hospitality, ethics, and spirituality

Bess, James L.
Teaching alone, teaching together : transforming the structure of teams  for teaching
Black women in the academy : promises and perils

Bland, Carole J.
The vitality of senior faculty members : snow on  the roof - fire in the furance

Bligh, Donald A.
What's the use of lectures?
Bloom, Allan David.
The closing of the American mind

Bogan, Christopher E.
Benchmarking for best practices : winning through innovative adaptation

Boice, Robert.
First-order principles for college teachers : ten basic ways to improve  the teaching process
Universities and the future of America
Bok, Derek Curtis. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2195216"]

Leading with soul : an uncommon journey of spirit
Bolman, Lee G. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1091290"]

Bolman, Lee G.
Reframing organizations : artistry, choice, and leadership

Bonwell, Charles C.
Active learning, creating excitement in the classroom

Botstein, Leon.
Jefferson's children : education and the promise of American culture

Bowen, William G.
The shape of the river : long-term consequences of considering race in  college and university admissions

Boyer, Ernest L.
The basic school : a community for learning

Boyer, Ernest L.
College : the undergraduate experience in America

Boyer, Ernest L.
Scholarship reconsidered : priorities of the professoriate

Branscomb, H. Eric.
Casting your net : a student's guide to research on the Internet

Braskamp, Larry A.
Assessing faculty work : enhancing individual and institutional  performance

Braxton, John M.
Institutionalizing a broader view of scholarship through Boyer's four  domains
Bringing problem-based learning to higher education : theory and  practice

The modern practice of adult education : a postmodern critique
Briton, Derek. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1097144"]
Becoming a critically reflective teacher
Brookfield, Stephen. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1097691"]

Brookfield, Stephen.
Discussion as a way of teaching : tools and techniques for democratic  classrooms

Brookhart, Susan M.
The art and science of classroom assessment : the missing part of  pedagogy

Brown, Walter A.
Cost containment in higher education : issues and recommendations

Bruffee, Kenneth A.
Collaborative learning : higher education, interdependence, and the  authority of knowledge

Bukalski, Peter J.
Guide to faculty advancement : annual evaluation, promotion, and tenure

Byrnes, James P.
Minds, brains, and learning : understanding the psychological and  educational relevance of neuroscientific research

Caffarella, Rosemary S.
Planning programs for adult learners : a practical guide for educators,  trainers, and staff developers

Campus climate : understanding the critical components of today's  colleges and universities

The Campus-level impact of assessment : progress, problems, and  possibilities
Campus use of the teaching portfolio : twenty-five profiles
Experiential learning in higher education : linking classroom and  community
Cantor, Jeffrey A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1107048"]
Higher education outside of the academy
Cantor, Jeffrey A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1950342"]

Cultural diversity and social skills instruction : understanding ethnic  and gender differences
Cartledge, Gwendolyn. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1107792"]
Learning assistance and developmental education : a guide for effective  practice
Casazza, Martha E. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1110002"]

Centra, John A.
Reflective faculty evaluation : enhancing teaching and determining  faculty effectiveness
Changing college classrooms : new teaching and learning strategies for  an increasingly complex world
Changing the way we grade student performance : classroom assessment and the new learning paradigm
Charting a course for continuing professional education : reframing  professional practice

Cheville, Julie.
Minding the body : what student athletes know about learning

The Chicago handbook for teachers : a practical guide to the college  classroom

Chickering, Arthur W.
Education and identity

Chomsky, Noam.
Chomsky on miseducation
Class, culture, and race in American schools : a handbook

Classroom assessment and research : an update on uses, approaches, and  research findings

Classroom research : early lessons from success

Learning styles : implications for improving educational practices
Claxton, Charles S. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1116259"]

College teaching, from theory to practice

Communication and collaboration in the online classroom : examples and  applications

Community service-learning : a guide to including service in the public  school curriculum

Complementary methods for research in education

Computers and the teaching of writing in American higher education, 1979 -1994 : a history

discussion papers : the 8th AAHE Annual Conference on Faculty Roles
& Rewards, New Orleans, LA, February 3-6, 2000
Confronting the core curriculum : considering change in the  undergraduate mathematics major : conference proceedings
Continuing professional education in transition : visions for the  professions and new strategies for lifelong learning
The course portfolio : how faculty can examine their teaching to advance practice and improve student participation
Cowley, W. H.
International and historical roots of American higher education

Creamer, Elizabeth G.
Assessing faculty publication productivity : issues of equity
Creating an inclusive college curriculum : a teaching sourcebook from  the New Jersey Project

Creating learning centered classrooms : what does learning theory have  to say? [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1340820"]

Creating practical knowledge through action research : posing problems,  solving problems, and improving daily practice [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1848209"]
Critical theory and educational research

Cross, K. Patricia.
Classroom research : implementing the scholarship of teaching

Cuello, Jose.
Reconstructing the paradigm for teaching and learning in the university  : lessons from the field of an urban campus
Culbertson, Jack A.
Building bridges : UCEA's first two decades

Curry, Barbara K.
Instituting enduring innovations : achieving continuity of change in  higher education

Daloz, Laurent A.
Mentor : guiding the journey of adult learners

Dame, Frederick William.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau on adult education and revolution : paradigma of  radical, pedagogical thought

Dannells, Michael.
From discipline to development : rethinking student conduct in higher  education

Davis, Barbara Gross.
Tools for teaching
Davis, James R.
Better teaching, more learning : strategies for success in postsecondary settings
Davis, Todd M.
Turning teaching into learning : the role of student responsibility in  the collegiate experience

De los Reyes, Eileen.
Pockets of hope : how students and teachers change the world

Deck, Michele L.
Instant teaching tools for health care educators

Deck, Michele L.
More instant teaching tools for health care educators
Developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

Dialogues for diversity : community and ethnicity on campus

Diamond, Robert M.
Designing and assessing courses and curricula : a practical guide

Diamond, Robert M.
The disciplines speak II : more statements on rewarding the scholarly,  professional, and creative work of faculty

Diamond, Robert M.
The disciplines speak : rewarding the scholarly, professional, and  creative work of faculty

Diamond, Robert M.
Preparing for promotion and tenure review : a faculty guide

Dirkx, John M.
A guide for planning and implementing instruction for adults : a theme- based approach
Disciplinary differences in teaching and learning : implications for  practice
Disciplinary styles in the scholarship of teaching and learning :  exploring common ground
Distance learners in higher education : institutional responses for  quality outcomes
Diversity as resource : redefining cultural literacy
Diversity in the classroom : a casebook for teachers and teacher  educators
diversity research initiative : how diverse undergraduate students
become researchers, change agents, and members of a research community

Donald, Janet Gail.
Improving the environment for learning : academic leaders talk about  what works

Driscoll, Amy.
Making outreach visible : a guide to documenting professional service  and outreach

D'Souza, Dinesh.
Illiberal education : the politics of race and sex on campus

Duffy, Donna Killian.
Teaching within the rhythms of the semester

Duning, Becky S.
Reaching learners through telecommunications : management and leadership strategies for higher education
Early intervention programs : opening the door to higher education

Eble, Kenneth Eugene.
The craft of teaching : a guide to mastering the professor's art
Edgerton, Russell.
The Teaching portfolio : capturing the scholarship in teaching
Education and democracy : re-imagining liberal learning in America
Education for judgment : the artistry of discussion leadership

Effective teaching in higher education : research and practice

Ehrlich, Thomas.
The courage to inquire : ideals and realities in higher education
The electronic classroom : a handbook for education in the electronic  environment

Electronic collaborators : learner-centered technologies for literacy,  apprenticeship, and discourse
 Electronic networks : crossing boundaries/creating communities

Elliott, Peggy G.
The urban campus : educating the new majority for the new century
The elusive quest for equality: 150 years of Chicano/Chicana education
Enacting diverse learning environments : improving the climate for  racial/ethnic diversity in higher education
 Enhancing creativity in adult and continuing education : innovative  approaches, methods, and ideas
Enhancing student learning : setting the campus context
The Enlightened educator : research adventures in the schools
Ensuring quality and productivity in higher education : an analysis of  assessment practices

Erickson, Bette LaSere. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1148566"]Teaching college freshmen

dimensions of college and university teaching : understanding and
honoring the special relationship between teachers and students

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2016558"]Facilitating online learning : effective strategies for moderators

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2009573"]Faculty and transfer : academic partnerships at work

Fairweather, James Steven. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1150417"]Faculty work and public trust : restoring the value of teaching and  public service in American academic life

Fairweather, James Steven. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1150508"]Teaching, research, and faculty rewards : a summary of the research  findings of the Faculty Profile Project

Federman Stein, Ruth. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091368"]Using student teams in the classroom : a faculty guide

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1909640"]Fifty years of innovations in undergraduate education : change and  stasis in the pursuit of quality

Finkel, Donald L. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2008083"]Teaching with your mouth shut

Foster, Michele. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1157883"]Black teachers on teaching

Freed, Jann E. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1159927"]A culture for academic excellence : implementing the quality principles  in higher education

Freed, Jann E. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1160574"]Quality principles and practices in higher education : different  questions for different times

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2224051"]Freedom's plow : teaching in the multicultural classroom

Freire, Paulo. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1160512"]Pedagogy of hope : reliving Pedagogy of the oppressed

Freire, Paulo. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1160532"]Pedagogy of the heart

Freire, Paulo. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2202151"]Pedagogy of the oppressed

Freire, Paulo. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1160671"]Teachers as cultural workers : letters to those who dare teach

Fried, Robert L. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2092723"]The passionate teacher : a practical guide

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1928123"]From idea to prototype : the peer review of teaching : a project  workbook

Gaither, Gerald. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1163031"]Measuring up : the promises and pitfalls of performance indicators in  higher education

Garber, Marjorie B. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1981532"]Academic instincts

Gardiner, Lion F. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1164258"]Redesigning higher education : producing dramatic gains in student  learning

Gardner, Howard. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091227"]Frames of mind : the theory of multiple intelligences

Gardner, Howard. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1524962"]Intelligence reframed : multiple intelligences for the 21st century

Gardner, John N. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1165077"]The senior year experience : facilitating integration, reflection,  closure, and transition

and race on the campus and in the school, beyond affirmative action :
symposium proceedings featuring current research and model programs
presented at the June 19-21, 1997, college/university symposium

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1980879"]Ghosts in the classroom : stories of college adjunct faculty--and the  price we all pay

Giroux, Henry A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1914395"]Ideology, culture & the process of schooling

Glasser, William. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1178791"]The quality school : managing students without coercion

Glassick, Charles E. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1178811"]Scholarship assessed : evaluation of the professoriate

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1026044"]Global education : from thought to action

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1025541"]Globalization, adult education and training : impacts and issues

Gmelch, Walter H. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1179319"]Coping with faculty stress

Gmelch, Walter H. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1179321"]Leadership skills for department chairs

Goodlad, John I. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1181297"]Educational renewal : better teachers, better schools

Goodlad, John I. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1181404"]In praise of education

Graff, Gerald. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2097387"]Clueless in academe : how schooling obscures the life of the mind

Greenberg, Arthur Richard. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1185227"]High school-college partnerships : conceptual models, programs, and  issues

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1027072"]Greening the college curriculum : a guide to environmental teaching in  the liberal arts : a project of the Rainforest Alliance

Grunert, Judith. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091376"]The course syllabus : a learning-centered approach

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091358"]A guide to faculty development : practical advice, examples, and  resources

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1028814"]Handbook of college teaching : theory and applications

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2246922"]Handbook of distance education

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1029301"]Handbook of the undergraduate curriculum : a comprehensive guide to  purposes, structures, practices, and change

Harris, Robert A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2139012"]The plagiarism handbook : strategies for preventing, detecting, and  dealing with plagiarism

Haymes, Stephen Nathan. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1197176"]Race, culture, and the city : a pedagogy for Black urban struggle

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1410581"]The heart of learning : spirituality in education

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1028159"]Honoring exemplary teaching

Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2188899"]Campus life : undergraduate cultures from the end of the eighteenth  century to the present

Hourigan, Maureen M. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1207773"]Literacy as social exchange : intersections of class, gender, and  culture

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1947022"]How people learn : brain, mind, experience, and school

Hutchings, Pat. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1928120"]Making teaching community property : a menu for peer collaboration and  peer review

Hutchings, Pat. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1211527"]Using cases to improve college teaching : a guide to more reflective  practice

Hynes, James. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1954163"]The lecturer's tale

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1031356"]The Impact of feminist research in the academy

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1031453"]The Impact of technology on faculty development, life, and work

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1031312"]Implementing outcomes assessment : promise and perils

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091351"]Interactive learning : vignettes from America's most wired campuses

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1031021"]Interdisciplinary Lively Application Projects (ILAPs)

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1922011"]Involving commuter students in learning

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1030148"]Issues and practices in inquiry-oriented teacher education

Jacobs, Lucy Cheser. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1214338"]Developing and using tests effectively : a guide for faculty

Jarvis, Peter. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1928091"]The practitioner-researcher : developing theory from practice

Johnson, Allan G. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1217869"]The forest and the trees : sociology as life, practice, and promise

Johnson, David W. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1217469"]Academic controversy : enriching college instruction through  intellectual conflict

Johnson, David W. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1217681"]Cooperative learning, increasing college faculty instructional  productivity

Johnson, David W. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2246966"]Learning together and alone : cooperative, competitive, and  individualistic learning

Johnson, Glenn R. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091247"]First steps to excellence in college teaching

Johnson, Michael L. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1217842"]Education on the wild side : learning for the twenty-first century

Jones, Elizabeth A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2077987"]Transforming the curriculum : preparing students for a changing world

Jordan, William A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1219885"]Crossfire education : metaphor, cultural evolution and chaos in the  schools

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1917680"]Just-in-time teaching : blending active learning with web technology

Karabell, Zachary. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1222486"]What's college for? : the struggle to define American higher education

Katz, Joseph. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1222924"]Turning professors into teachers : a new approach to faculty development and student learning

Keating, Anne B. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1827592"]The Wired professor : a guide to incorporating the World Wide Web in  college instruction

Kegan, Robert. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2137176"]How the way we talk can change the way we work : seven languages for  transformation

Keig, Larry. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1223935"]Collaborative peer review : the role of faculty in improving college  teaching

Kerschner, Lee R. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1225964"]Quality and equity: the continuing dialogue

King, Patricia M. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1227323"]Developing
reflective judgment : understanding and promoting intellectual growth
and critical thinking in adolescents and adults

Kirby, Dan. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2233842"]Mind matters : teaching for thinking

Kochman, Thomas. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2163354"]Black and white styles in conflict

Komarovsky, Mirra. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2210964"]Women in college : shaping new feminine identities

Kuh, George D. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1233212"]Student learning outside the classroom : transcending artificial  boundaries

Langer, Ellen J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1235798"]Mindfulness

Langer, Ellen J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1235967"]The power of mindful learning

Leamnson, Robert N. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2007837"]Thinking about teaching and learning : developing habits of learning  with first year college and university students

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091371"]The learning connection : new partnerships between schools and colleges

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1034443"]Learning foreign and second languages : perspectives in research and  scholarship

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1954543"]Learning from change : landmarks in teaching and learning in higher  education from Change magazine, 1969-1999

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1034682"]Learning in humans and machines : towards an interdisciplinary learning  science

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2222671"]The learning revolution : the challenge of information technology in the academy

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1035633"]Learning with technology

Leistyna, Pepi. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1935602"]Presence of mind : education and the politics of deception

Lenning, Oscar T. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1240608"]The Powerful potential of learning communities : improving education for the future

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1034481"]Lessons from restructuring experiences : stories of change in  professional development schools

Levine, Arthur. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1242412"]When hope and fear collide : a portrait of today's college student

Levine, Daniel U. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1241927"]Improving student achievement through mastery learning programs

Lewis, Ralph G. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1243228"]Total quality in higher education

Light, Richard J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2144011"]Making the most of college : students speak their minds

Linton, Simi. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2246936"]Claiming disability : knowledge and identity

Livsey, Rachel C. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1926557"]The courage to teach : a guide for reflection and renewal

Loeb, Paul Rogat. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2209890"]Generation at the crossroads : apathy and action on the American campus

Love, Patrick. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1248012"]Enhancing student learning : intellectual, social, and emotional  integration

Love, Patrick G. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1932378"]Understanding and applying cognitive development theory

Lowman, Joseph. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1248391"]Mastering the techniques of teaching

Lucas, Christopher J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1248907"]Teacher education in America : reform agendas for the twenty-first  century

Luna, Gaye. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1249254"]Empowering the faculty : mentoring redirected and renewed

Lynch, Patrick J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1249873"]Web style guide : basic design principles for creating web sites

Lynton, E. A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1981041"]Making the case for professional service

Lyons, Richard E. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1917689"]The adjunct professor's guide to success : surviving and thriving in the college classroom

Macedo, Donaldo P. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1251059"]Literacies of power : what Americans are not allowed to know

Magnan, Robert. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1933813"]147 practical tips for teaching professors

Maher, Frances A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2008080"]The feminist classroom : dynamics of gender, race, and privilege

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1035764"]Making a difference : innovations in adult education

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1035766"]Making a difference : outcomes of a decade of assessment in higher  education

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091354"]Making a place in the faculty rewards system for work with K-12 : a  project report of four universities

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2246958"]Making race visible : literacy research for cultural understanding

Marton, Ference. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1255912"]Learning and awareness

Marzano, Robert J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2091215"]What works in schools : translating research into action

McKeachie, Wilbert James. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1928104"]McKeachie's teaching tips : strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers

McKeachie, Wilbert James. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2211529"]Teaching tips : a guidebook for the beginning college teacher

McLaren, Peter. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1262796"]Critical pedagogy and predatory culture : oppositional politics in a  postmodern era

McWilliam, Erica. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1263642"]In broken images : feminist tales for a different teacher education

Menges, Robert J. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1265094"]Faculty in new jobs : a guide to settling in, becoming established, and  building institutional support

Mentkowski, Marcia. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1932365"]Learning that lasts : integrating learning, development, and performance in college and beyond

Meyer, Katrina A. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1266437"]Faculty workload studies : perspectives, needs, and future directions

Meyer, Katrina Anne. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b2080758"]Quality in distance education : focus on on-line learning

Meyers, Chet. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1266555"]Promoting active learning : strategies for the college classroom

Miller, L. Scott. [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1267300"]An American imperative : accelerating minority educational advancement

 [http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1038886"]Minority-serving institutions : distinct purposes, common goals

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