Faculty Learning Communities

Davis Educational Foundation Project

Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Faculty Learning Communities

In November of 2008, the Trustees of the Davis Educational Foundation awarded Salem State a grant for $244,885 over three years for the Transforming Teaching and Learning through the Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) Project. The grant is being directed and managed through the Center for  Teaching Innovations (CTI).

The goals of the Davis Grant are twofold:

  • Increase the sense of connection that faculty members feel to one another and to the mission of the university.
  • Establish reflective learning practices that positively effect student learning.

Research has shown that FLCs are not only extremely effective mechanisms for faculty learning, they are also enriching social experiences. FLCs engage complex problems, energize and empower participants, nourish scholarly teaching and create an awareness of the complexity of teaching and learning.*

FLCs have been launched at over 60 institutions of higher education since their start at Miami University of Ohio and each institution adapts them to their own paricular needs.

FLCs will be announced at the start of each spring semester with a call for proposals.  The FLCs for 2009-2010 are currently full.

The next FLC retreat will be held May 25, 2010. Please reserve the date if you feel that an FLC is right for you!

Introduction to FLCs  "A faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a cross-disciplinary faculty group engaging in an active, collaborative, yearlong program about enhancing teaching and learning and community building. A participant in a faculty learning community selects a focus course or a community project to try out innovations, assess resulting student learning and presents project results to the campus...Evidence shows that FLCs increase faculty interest in teaching and learning and provide safety and support for faculty to investigate, attempt, assess, and adopt new (to them) methods.

* Miami University FLC website          

* The grant was received from the Davis Educational Foundation, established by Stanton and Elisabeth Davis after Mr. Davis' retirement as chairman of Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc..


FLCs 2010-2011
Creativity Matters (Jim Gubbins)
Engaging Large Classes (Anurag Jain & Victoria Morrison)
Gender and Sexuality (Keja Valens)
PowerPoint Plus (Rick Branscomb)
Student Engagement in Research Classes (Elspeth Slayter)
Supporting Underrepresented Groups (Adrienne Dolberry)
Team-Based Learning (Dan Mulcare)

Long-term goals of FLCs

  • Build university-wide community around teaching and learning
  • investigate and incorporate ways that diversity can enhance teaching and learning
  • nourish the scholarship of teaching and its application to student learning
  • broaden the evaluation of teaching and the assessment of learning
  • increase faculty collaboration across disciplines
  • encourage reflection about liberal education and coherence of learning across disciplines
  • increase the recognition and prestige of excellent teaching
  • create an awareness of the complexity of teaching and learning