Research and Writing Initiative (RWI)

About the Program

RWI is a support network for faculty and librarian research and writing. Academic and scholarly work, as well as fiction, poetry, playwriting, and creative non-fiction are all included in the network.  Watch your Salem State University email for information about:

Luncheon Meetings

RWI holds luncheon meetings throughout the academic year. The luncheon meetings are an opportunity for faculty and librarians who share common research and writing interests to network and form smaller writing groups. These smaller groups may meet and exchange writing pieces for peer editing.

Summer Workshop

RWI also provides partial funding for an annual summer workshop for Faculty Writers.   During the summer workshops groups of writers meet to refine and edit their pieces with faculty peers and with an editor. Groups have included scientific research writing as well as arts and sciences research and creative writing. Writers explore publishing venues and prepare their pieces for publication. 

The Sextant

An ideal publishing venue for beginning SSC writers and experienced professionals has been Salem State's own award winning journal "The Sextant". Several faculty works that began in RWI workshops have subsequently been published in The Sextant and in many academic and creative writing journals; a few have developed into successful books, notably  JD Scrimgeour's award winning, "Themes from English B."

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