Getting Paid

Steps to be completed 

  1. Complete your human resources paperwork
    If you have not taught for one semester, you must redo your paperwork with human resources.
  2. Submit your syllabus
    Please submit your syllabus to or (SB101A) by the second week of class.
    Please refer to Guidelines for Syllabus Development.
  3. Sign your contract
    Continuing Education and School of Graduate Studies contracts are emailed to your Salem State email address. Please return the signed contract to Cyndi Allison (SB113B) by the second week of the semester.
  4. Do not cancel class without notifying the appropriate Dean's office
    Faculty Absence Policy
  5. Do not change your classroom
    How to request a classroom change
  6. Submit the walk-away forms
    Form will arrive at your home during the ninth week of the semester. This important attendance survey affects the amount of financial aid awarded to the university. It is federally mandated that this survey be completed. Please contact the Graduate School or Continuing Education with any questions. 
  7. Submit your grades
    You must submit grades for all course via Navigator.              

Payment dates

Continuing Studies and Graduate faculty are now paid on a bi-weekly basis for regular courses. Payment dates will be emailed to faculty at the beginning of each term. 

Directed Study and Practicum

  • Student must submit the required forms and register properly. Contact Amelia Mitchell-Storer (Graduate) or Cyndi Allison (CE) to check if the registration has been processed.
  • You must submit an official grade.
  • If the above are completed, full payment is approximately one month after the end of the semester.


  • Your rank is determined by the MSCA collective bargaining agreement and is based on your teaching experience and academic credentials.
  • Please keep your personnel file up-to-date to by notifying the Graduate School, 978.542.7044 or Continuing Education, 978.542.6324 about changes in name, address, telephone number, contacts, or new degree or licensure information.

Request for Review of Adjunct Faculty Form [Word Doc.]