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Welcome to the webpages of the Salem State University Police department. The men and women of the department have a longstanding tradition of providing quality services to the Salem State community. It is my pleasure to lead this talented and dedicated group of public safety professionals. The safety and security of the students, faculty, staff, and university community is of paramount importance in every aspect of our duties. The department is committed to the fundamental principles of community policing, such as crime prevention, omnipresence and community partnerships. Among the services provided by the police department are: the investigation of crimes and motor vehicle accidents on campus, the enforcement of university parking regulations, the operation of shuttle buses/vans between the campuses, parking areas and the surrounding community, crime prevention and education seminars.

The Salem State University Police department consists of 29 full-time staff comprised of sworn police officers, communications officers and administrative support staff. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts grants police authority to our officers, giving them the same authority and powers as local and state police in or upon the land and structures owned or occupied by the university. Additionally, our officers are cross-sworn as special police officers for the city of Salem. All officers are fully trained at approved police academies and are certified in all facets of law enforcement operations as well as emergency first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Additionally, several officers are trained as emergency medical technicians (EMT). All officers receive additional hours of in-service and/or specialized training each year to keep them current with the evolving trends and developments in law enforcement. 

The men and women of the Salem State University Police department employ a variety of strategies to ensure the overall safety, health and general welfare of the university community. Officers patrol the grounds of the campus by foot, patrol vehicle, bicycles, and T-3 electric vehicles. The university, as with any other public or private entity, cannot guarantee a crime free living or working environment. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of members of the university community to act in a security conscious manner and to avoid actions which jeopardize their safety and security as well as the security of others. Members of the faculty, staff and student body should report all crimes, hazards, emergencies, or dangerous situations to the police department. 

The members of the Salem State University Police department are continually striving to provide nothing but the best in policing and public safety services. We welcome any comments or suggestions that will assist our agency in improving our commitment to those that we serve. I hope that you find the information contained on our webpages informative. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the police department if you need additional information.

Gene Labonte
Chief of Police

Emergency Phone Numbers

Call ext 6111 or 978.542.6111

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