Did You Know?

Where to Use Your Card

Hilary at Get Food site

GET Food allows you to securely place an order for delivery or pick up, pay with your ClipperCard, and wait for the food to arrive.





Simply follow the salemstate.edu/get link and sign into your GET Account (using the same username and password you use for Navigator). Once signed in you will be on the home page of GET Funds where you can view your accounts. At the top of the screen you will see an option for GET Food. 

GET Food is a where you go to place an order for delivery online then pay with your ClipperCard, and Get Funds is how you have been managing your ClipperCard to add funds, check your balance or report your card lost.

Let us know what you think! Tweet, email, or Facebook us and let us know if you like ordering from GET Food. What do you like/dislike and would you like to see more locations with online ordering using ClipperCard?  By giving us feedback you will be entered to win free stuff!

Click on the links below to see all the great locations you can use your ClipperCard:


Off-Campus Partners
On-Campus Partners
Student Advantage Discount Program

Let us know where you would like to use your ClipperCard! Email your locations ideas to clippercard@salemstate.edu