Once you have registered with Disability Services, provided appropriate documentation of your hearing loss, and the determination is made that you need a communication accommodation, you will discuss with Disability Services your specific interpreting needs (oral, ASL, PSE) or the use of CART services. Disability Services will coordinate services through freelance interpreters, CART reporters and the Massachusetts Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH), to ensure quality services, depending on your specific interpreting or CART needs.

Scheduling Interpreters for classes:

  • You must make a request in writing for each semester you wish to receive services. 
  • Your request should be submitted at least four weeks in advance. The longer the delay in requesting services, the greater the chance that interpreters will not be available. Disability Services will make every effort to fulfill late requests for interpreter services, but can make no guarantees. 
  • Report any changes in your class schedule, such as withdrawal or leave of absence, as soon as possible to Disability Services. 
  • In the event interpreter services are not needed due to illness or class cancellation, you must inform Disability Services as soon as possible, so Disability Services can notify your interpreters. Interpreters will notify Disability Services if you do not attend a scheduled class. If you fail to notify Disability Services after three such instances, services will be suspended until you meet with the director to discuss reinstatement of interpreters. 
  • Lateness must be reported immediately to the Disability Services office so that interpreters can be informed. If Disability Services isn't notified, the interpreter(s) will wait no longer than 20 minutes. If you are late on three or more occasions without prior notification to Disability Services, interpreting services will be suspended, pending a meeting with the director of Disability Services. 
  • In the event that interpreter services are needed to fulfill class requirements outside of the classroom, such as meetings with professors or advisors, etc., you must complete a separate Interpreter Request form. You cannot hire interpreters directly. Requests must be made in writing at least five business days in advance. Attempts will be made to honor requests made on shorter notice with the understanding that interpreters may not be available.