School Status

Due to the winter storm, all day classes are canceled today. A decision about evening classes, which begin at 4:30 pm, will be made after 1 pm.

February 8, 2016


teacher and student painting

The preschool program's full-time staff consists of a director, supervising lead teacher and teacher. Part-time staff consists several teacher assistants. As one of Salem State's laboratory schools, the preschool provides fieldwork, student teaching and student observation opportunities for Salem State students. Guidelines for fieldwork and observation are provided.

Staff members participate in our orientation program at the beginning of each semester. The center closes during staff training days, which are approximately two days per academic year (October and February).

The preschool is licensed through the state office of Early Education and Care and is in full compliance with staff regulations and certification requirements. Our teacher-to-child ratios are 1:6.

• Staff Handbook [PDF]

Fieldwork - Teachers as Learners

• Work in teams to form strong collegial relationships
• Engage in continuous discussion and interpretation of their work
• Support system by a pedagogista (person highly trained in child development theory and practice)
• Co-explore the learning experience with children
• Provoke ideas, problem-solving and conflict
• Take ideas from the children and return them for further exploration
• Organize materials
• Help children make thoughtful decisions about the media
• Aid children in expressing their knowledge through representational work
• Foster the connection between home, school and the community
• Document children's progress

Job Descriptions

The following part-time student positions assist the director, supervising lead teacher and teacher in various day-to-day preschool responsibilities:

• Office Assistant
• Teacher Assistants