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Because we believe parental involvement is vital to a child's development and education, we provide many opportunities for parents to join the Salem State preschool community. We ask just four hours a month on any of the committees listed below.

Of course, your interest and suggestions are always welcome!


  • Assist with coordinating activities for holiday celebrations and special events during the year


  • Assist with writing articles for the Salem State Log, the campus newspaper, and with the Preschool Newsletter [PDF] helping to set up displays on and off campus, making posters and taking photographs


  • Responsible for collecting and delivering materials for classroom activities and projects

Documentation Committee

  • Assist with the documentation of projects, classroom note taking, narratives, photos, and videotaping etc.

Center Improvement

  • Assist with various book and toy repairs, sewing projects, laundry, small paint jobs, playground clean-up, and fall and spring planting and carpentry projects.

Classroom Volunteer Committee

  • Come into the classroom to share your special skills, interests and experiences with the children or read a story, assist in a studio arts lesson, or share information about your culture.

For detailed committee descriptions refer to the Parent Handbook [PDF].

Parent Resource Rooms

Parent Resource Rooms contain a unique collection of books, periodicals, videos, and are available at the Alumni House on Upper South Campus. An entire list of resources is available on our Parent Resources page. 


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