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The Preschool's curriculum is based on principals using the Reggio Approach. We have been exploring this approach for several years and have implemented many aspects here at the Preschool.

Our curriculum is arranged with the use of a choice board and through project work. Both are aids to guide the curriculum process. The Choice Board allows each child to independently identify and select their own activity from cards posted on the board.

The Choice Board goals are designed to:

  • Give each child the opportunity to select activities independently
  • Guide their social development
  • Allow the teaching staff to gather information on student skills, interests and group dynamics

The curriculum areas explored include math, science, language arts, social studies, studio arts and music, gross and fine motor development, health and safety and character development.

We believe young children want and need to express ideas and messages through different expressive methods, such as working with clay, paint, drawing, sculpture, construction, music, movement, dance, and shadow play. Children begin to gain new skills with the use of these mediums. The children draw to learn. They revisit and revise their work moving them to new levels of awareness.

The Preschool is able to attend many events and special performances at Salem State University. These include glass blowing demonstrations at The Glass Works Studio, earth day exhibits, music and dance performances, and visits to the Winfisky Art Gallery and biology and geology labs.

Additional Resources

Curriculum Guidebook [PDF]
Daily Schedule [PDF]