School Status

Due to the winter storm, all classes are canceled today.

February 5, 2016



The mission of the Salem State Preschool Program is to provide a model program that is responsive to the changing needs of the children, parents, faculty, staff and community.

For the children, we strive to maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where the developmental needs of the children are addressed.

For the parents, we strive to keep the program affordable and available. Salem State students get first priority in enrollment. It is our goal to serve as a resource for support and education.

For staff, we strive to provide an atmosphere that will attract and retain well trained personnel by maintaining good working conditions. We encourage a sense of cooperation and open communication among members of the Preschool community. The program maintains high educational and training requirements for staff.

For Salem State, we strive to provide preschool services for faculty and staff. We aim to cooperate with various departments, as well as other area colleges and other preschool programs, by serving as a training site for a variety of disciplines that incorporate child development, care, education, health and safety.