Fitness Initiative

An increase in violence throughout the country in recent years has sparked several safety initiatives by Salem State Police. "Salem State is not an island and you can't predict what will happen at any given time; you can only prepare," said Detective Sgt. Joseph Dunn, who has completed a three-day fitness program conducted by FitForce, a locally-operated firm that trains and advises public safety and law enforcement officials.

According to FitForce President Jay Smith, "The course emphasizes physical fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management, performance and overall health."

As a result, Dunn is working  to develop fitness goals for the department. Dunn plans to offer fitness screenings and evaluations, diet and nutrition education, and individual exercise programs for interested campus safety employees. "This will be beneficial for the department because living a healthy lifestyle affects your outlook on life and this positive attitude translates into your job," Dunn added.

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