The Ellison Campus Center administers policies concerning student organizations, student events, student travel, solicitation, and demonstrations, including the following:

  1. Financial Policies and Procedures
  2. Guidelines for Ticket Sales
  3. Constitution Workbook
  4. Policy Statement on University Recognition of Student Organizations and Interest Groups
  5. Student Social Events Policy
  6. Posting Policy
  7. Guidelines for Solicitation
  8. Liability Statement for Student Organizations
  9. Policy Statement on Credit Card solicitation
  10. Policy Statement on Student Demonstrations
  11. Ellison Campus Center Policies
  12. How to Program Events and Activities
  13. University Travel Policy
  14. Salem State University Freedom of Speech Distribution of Literature Commercial Solicitation

For more information on policies, contact 978.542.6435 or bperry@salemstate.edu

  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6440