Bulletin Board Posting Policy

Posting Policy 

  1. All materials posted on the campus must be reviewed, approved and stamped by the Student Involvement and Activities Office before they may be posted. Each original flyer must be stamped. It is not permissible to stamp a single original and photocopy from that one. 
  2. Materials may only be posted on designated bulletin boards. Bulletin boards are designated for general, college or departmental use only. Materials may not be posted on bulletin boards designated for college use or departmental use only without appropriate approval from the Student Involvement & Activities Office or appropriate department. 
  3. Bulletin board space is available on a first come, first served basis. All users of college bulletin boards are expected to respect the materials posted by other individuals and organizations. 
  4. Special publicity needs, (banners, table tents, etc.), must be requested through and approved by the Student Involvement and Activities Office or the appropriate facility director. 
  5. Materials may only be posted on bulletin board surfaces. Materials may not be posted on doors, walls, glass, wood, tile, metal, or painted surfaces. Materials may not be distributed door to door or by placing materials on parked vehicles.
  6. During Student Government Association (SGA) elections only, and subject to approval by the Campus Center, SGA publicity may also be posted on tile, metal and wooden surfaces, in addition to established bulletin boards. 
  7. College personnel clear bulletin boards regularly. The sponsor must remove materials that are time sensitive promptly after the event, deadline, etc. has passed. 
  8. Posted materials that are not in compliance with the above policy are subject to immediate removal. Approval of subsequent requests by an individual or organization to post materials may be negatively impacted by any failure to comply with this or any other college policy.
  9. Questions or concerns about the posting policy should be directed to the Student Involvement and Activities  Office in the Campus Center, Room 218, or you can call 978.542.6438.
  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6440