Campus Center Building Regulations

Fair in courtyard of the Ellison Campus Center
  1. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Campus Center only in accordance with current campus policy.
  2. No gambling is allowed in the Campus Center. 
  3. Decorations to be used in any part of the Campus Center must be approved in advance by the director's office and/or building supervisor and must comply with the fire laws. They shall be put up and removed promptly by the responsible organizations or individuals who shall be liable for any damages involved. 
  4. Selling, sampling or advertising shall conform to university regulations. The director (or designee) must approve all requests for this type of activity. 
  5. Notices and posters placed in the Campus Center shall be limited to designated bulletin boards and approved in advance by a staff member. All notices and posters must conform to current regulations on the use of bulletin boards as described in the college's Bulletin Board Regulations.
  6. Campus Center equipment shall be loaned for outside use, only when specifically authorized by the director (or designee). 
  7. The serving and consumption of food and beverages shall be allowed on the ground floor and in all other areas where the director (or designee) has granted permission. 
  8. The following order of priority shall be observed in the scheduling of events in the Campus Center: Program Council, Campus Center programs, student organizations, faculty and alumni organizations, college functions, outside organizations
  9. All requests for use of the Campus Center for radio or television broadcasting shall require approval by the director, (designee) with the advice and counsel of the Instructional Media Department.
  10. Misconduct in the Campus Center shall be reported through official disciplinary channels whenever the director (or designee) deems such a report advisable. The director (or designee) is authorized to eject and bar any student from the Campus Center for misconduct pending any disciplinary action.
  11. The Campus Center is authorized to bill any student or organization for any damages to the building or equipment.
  12. Custodial charges shall be made for meeting rooms for student or faculty groups as determined by the director (or designee) in view of special needs.
  13. The Campus Center shall remain open each week as follows:
    • Weekdays: 6:30 am-10 pm 
    • Saturday: 12 pm-8:30pm
    • Sunday: As scheduled for events
    The building shall be open all days when the university is in session. Building hours shall be extended where events indicate.
  14. No college classes except physical education classes, as they relate directly to the recreational area of the Campus Center, may be held in this building. 
  15. The Recreation Area is for the exclusive use of the college community and guests. 
  16. Studying is permitted in the Campus Center but does not take priority from activities or from the use of rooms designated for specific purposes. 
  17. All groups must make specific requests in writing 24 hours prior to their expected use, if the building hours are to be extended. 
  18. Scheduling of rooms: All groups wishing to schedule rooms in the Campus Center shall send in their request to Reservations, including major campus programs, shall be subject to clearance of the event according to current policies established by the Policy Committee.
  19. Food Service:
    • All requests involving food in the center shall be formally registered with the Campus Center director's office subject to confirmation with the food service manager. Appropriate forms are available.
    • All members of the community may schedule designated rooms in the center for banquets, luncheons, and dinners. A 48 hour notice must be given. Final commitment of numbers to be served shall be binding on all parties 24 hours in advance of the function. The contracting for catered food service by other than the current concessionaire must be cleared with the food service manager. 
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