Room Reservations

How to Reserve a Room

  1. Contact the appropriate office/contact person to ask if the space desired is available. Request a Room Reservation/Clearance Form from that particular office or contact person.
  2. This form is to be filled out for all events held on and off campus, and returned to Campus Center Room 218. These forms are used to keep a master calendar of events on campus and to avoid a scheduling conflict. 
  3. Room reservations are not confirmed until the Clearance Form is completed, signed and returned to the requester by the Campus Center Office.
  4. The event sponsor is responsible for making sure all necessary information appears on the Clearance Form, and that all details are approved with the appropriate facility staff.
  5. Contact Chartwells Food Services in the Commons Dining Hall, or call 978.542.6444, to request food for an event. Requests to bring or serve food from another caterer or individual must be approved in advance and in writing by the Director of Food Services. 
  6. Request to serve or sell alcoholic beverages during an event must be approved by the A.D.E.P.T. (Alcohol Drug Education and Prevention and Training) Coordinator located in Campus Center Room 107, or at 978.542.6148.
  7. All advertising for an event must be stamped by the Campus Center Room 218 prior to posting.
  8. Requests for room set-up needs may be directed to the appropriate facility director or manager.
  9. Requests for technical support (sound, audio-visual equipment, etc.) may be directed to Media Services located in Meier Hall Room 105, or by calling 978.542.6724. If the event is held in the Campus Center, please direct technical support requests to Campus Center Room 218 at 978.542.6438. If the event is held in the Mainstage or Callan Theatres, please direct technical support requests to the Theatre Office located in Mainstage Room or at 978.542.6290.


  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6440

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