Room Reservations

Salem State has a de-centralized process for reserving space. A variety of campus offices manage different facilities on campus. The student involvement and activities office oversees most spaces in the Ellison Campus Center, the Marsh Hall Conference Center and Viking Hall [PDF]. The attached brochure will provide you with a more specific description of the rooms and spaces. For information about other spaces, please refer to the appropriate office.

How To Reserve a Room

  1. Contact the appropriate office/contact person in order to confirm that the space you would like to reserve is available. To make reservations within the Ellison Campus Center and Marsh Hall Conference area it is best to email We take all reservations on a first come first serve basis. To assist with the process of making a complete reservation please follow the internal room reservation form [PDF]. The student involvement and activities office will send you a room confirmation along with a Room Reservation/Clearance Form [PDF].
  2. Room reservations are not complete until the Room Reservation/Clearance Form is completed, signed and returned by the student involvement and activities office.
  3. As the sponsor, you are responsible for making sure all necessary information appears on the completed form, and that all details are approved with the staff responsible for the respective facility.
  4. If you are requesting that food be served at your event, you need to contact the director of food services at Chartwells food services office, Commons Dining Hall, room 102, or call ext. 6444. If you are using an outside catering service, or wish to bring in your own food, a waiver must first be approved by the director of food services. Requests to serve/sell alcoholic beverages during your event must be cleared with the counseling and health services office in room 107 of the Ellison Campus Center, or by calling ext. 6148.
  5. Any advertising for your event must be stamped by the student involvement and activities office in Ellison Campus Center room 218 before posting, unless it is produced by the Salem State marketing and creative services office. 
  6. If your event is occurring in a campus facility, other than the Campus Center, technical support requests should be directed to instructional media, Loring Avenue, next to White Dove, ext. 6724. Special requests for technical support (sound, lights, audio/visual equipment) for programs in the Campus Center should be discussed in advance with a member of the student involvement and activities staff.
  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6440