Finance and Business

The finance and business division oversees the management of the university's assets, finances, fiscal operations and services and is led by Karen P. House, vice president for finance and business. She also serves as the university's chief financial officer (CFO). 

The following departments report to the division:

Accounting and payroll - led by Russell Bethoney, controller

Units functions include: general accounting; disbursements (accounts payable and payroll); grants post award (FISAP and other required reports and compliance matters); deposits, investments and cash accounting; interface with student finance; interface with institutional advancement; financial statements and reports and tax compliance

Budget and financial planning - led by Jon Amari, interim director, budget and financial planning

Unit functions include: capital and operating budget development - state, local, all funds; budget  execution (monitoring and projections); position management/control; multi-year financial projections, including debt; budget committee; advice/consultation to units; analyses and reports

Business affairs - led by Joseph Donovan, associate vice president for business affairs

Unit functions include: purchasing and contracts, procard, insurances, ClipperCard, banking services,   bookstore, dining, shuttle service, pouring rights/concessions, fleet management, e-commerce, print, copy, mail, shipping and receiving and other miscellaneous services

Continuous improvement, finance - led by Scott Stanton, senior director, continuous improvement, finance

Unit functions include: financial  projects, business process and change management; financial reporting and transaction system support; internal control; communication and financial system training; system upgrades (testing); special projects and analyses

Vice President's office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm

Location: second floor of the Administration Building on North Campus

Office: 978.542.6120  Fax: 978.542.6164

Staff Title Extension
Karen P. House Vice President for Finance and Business 6120
Donna E. Beaulieu Staff Assistant 6120
Frances Squires Administrative Assistant II 6119




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