Procurement Card

The Procurement Card (ProCard) is a procurement tool, which offers an alternative to the existing university procurement/payment processes and provides an efficient and effective method to purchase and pay for consumable commodities. The card is a MasterCard credit card, backed by JP Morgan Chase of Salt Lake City, UT.

This user guide outlines the benefits of the ProCard program to you (the cardholder) as well as to your department and the university. It also provides you with the information that you will need to use the card. The ProCard concept is designed to delegate authority and responsibility, to enable you to quickly and conveniently make small purchases of approved commodities directly from those vendors that accept the MasterCard. This program was created with the help of many staff members who participated in the program development, and is designed to meet your needs as well as those of the university.

Procard Manual (Revised July 27, 2015) [PDF]

Procard Application (Revised April 3, 2015) [PDF]

Procard Lost Receipt Form [PDF]

Procard Query Individuals Transactions [Word DOC]

Procard Statement Printing steps [Word DOC]

Procard Training [PPT]

Quick Reference Card [PDF]

Logging on Quick Reference Guide [PDF]