Dental & Vision Care Insurance

Dental and vision care coverage is available to employees, their spouse and children in accordance with collective bargaining agreements or the non-unit employees' benefits package. Eligibility requirements and covered benefits differ according to the benefit package.  APA union and MSCA union employees as well as Non-Unit (Non-Union) employees will receive dental cards and paperwork from the Human Resource Benefits Coordinator. If these forms have been misplaced, contact the Benefits Coordinator at 978.542.6030 for replacements.  AFSCME employees should contact the Massachusetts Public Employees Fund at 800.325.5214.  For additional information about each plan review your specific union below.

Change of Union Status:

If you change from the AFSCME union to the APA union, you will need to complete enrollment forms in Human Resources to change your dental plan. If you are changing from MSCA to APA or vice versa, there is no need to change plans as the plan remains the same.  If you believe your dental insurance has been cancelled, please contact the Benefits Coordinator at 978.542.6030 and the coordinator will work with McKenzie & Company to correct the problem. Read sections under dental and vision coverage that apply to your particular union affiliation. 

Status Changes/Student Coverage:

When your status changes (i.e. individual coverage to family, when you need to add a dependent to your coverage, or change your address or phone number), please remember to visit Human Resources and complete the necessary paperwork.