On-Campus Student Employee Supervisors

Salem State University students make great employees!

Basic information about requesting, hiring and managing students is provided here for on-campus employee supervisors.

Requesting a Student Employee

For every new job a supervisor or department would like to post, it must be submitted for approval through Polaris (SEO). Once the job posting is approved by SEO, supervisors can then request students to be hired under the approved job posting.

Hiring Students

Students may contact you directly or you may be re-hiring a student. In any case, if you agree to hire a student via FCWS or Institutional Employment (03), make certain that the student has completed all federal and state required hiring forms at the Student Employment Office prior to starting work.


Work authorization, payroll and time sheets

All students must come to the Student Employment Office to complete hiring paperwork before the student starts working on campus. International students who have never worked before will need to obtain an Employment Authorization Form from the Center of International Education office (CIE) in order to get a social security number. A staff member in CIE and the students direct supervisor must both sign the employment authorization form. The completed employment authorization form and all of the students documents must then be brought to the Social Security Office in Salem MA by the student to obtain a SSN.

Once SEO has received completed paperwork and documents from the student, both the student and the supervisor will receive an email with the students employee ID number and record number clarifying the student has been hired. The student may then begin working. 

All students are now reporting their time electronically on Self Service Time and Attendance (SSTA). All time must be submitted and approved by 12pm on Fridays the latest. Students can hold multiple jobs on campus, supervisors must be cautious that students are submitting their time in the correct record number every week.

As a supervisor, you are responsible for notifying SEO of any changes in a student’s employment at Salem State University.

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