On-Campus Student Employee Supervisors

Salem State University students make great employees!

Basic information about requesting, hiring and managing students is provided here for on-campus employee supervisors. For further details, please see the Supervisor Handbook.

Requesting a Student Employee

SEO job request forms must be signed each academic year and summer session. You must sign and return all request forms for the jobs you wish to fill, and submit any new positions for approval.

Hiring Students

Students may contact you directly or you may be re-hiring a student. In any case, if you agree to hire a student via FCWS or Institutional Employment (03), make certain that the student has completed all federal and state required hiring forms at the Student Employment Office prior to starting work.


Work authorization, payroll and time sheets

Once the student's documentation is filed, he/she must be authorized to work. You may contact SEO by phone, fax or email or you may ask the student to request an authorization form. You must provide us with the student's first and last name, student ID number and job number. An authorization form, which you must sign and return as quickly as possible, will be sent to you.

Once the signed authorization is received, the student will be entered into the payroll system and an employee ID number and record number will be generated. The completed authorization will be returned to you for your files. At this time the student may begin work.

Time sheets with the student's hours, employee ID number and record number must be submitted to payroll by 10 am Friday of each week worked. Employee ID numbers remain the same; however, record numbers may change as students may hold more than one job, and frequently change jobs. Always use the most current record number you have on file to ensure the funds are removed from the correct account.

As a supervisor, you are responsible for notifying SEO of any changes in a student's employment at Salem State University.

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