Student Information

On-Campus Work

If you're looking for a job in the Federal College Work-Study program, you'll need to have already applied for financial aid. You do not need to have applied for financial aid to inquire about an institutional position.  

NOTE: You may only have one work-study job. If you are hired for a work-study job and then find another, you must terminate the first before accepting the second. You may have more than one institutional job.

Once you are hired for an on-campus position, YOU MUST fill out federally-required hiring documents at the student employment office prior to the start of work. The student employment paperwork can be printed and completed by following the following link: Student Employment Packet [PDF]. Please bring this paperwork to the student employment office along with your I-9 documents.

  • I-9 (Must be completed in person): The I-9 requires two forms of identification. All hiring forms must be completed in the student employment office, at which time appropriate identification must be presented. Please click this link to see all acceptable documents: Complete list of I-9 acceptable documentation [PDF 72KB]

Please note that you must be authorized for each academic year and summer session. You will not be entered into the payroll system until the student employment office has received an authorization form for the current academic year or summer session.

Now you can start working!

Off-Campus Work

If you're looking for work in the Job Location and Development (JLD) program please log on to your Navigator account and click on the off-campus student employment link under finances. Jobs are searchable by category. Click on apply now to receive the contact information.