Welcome to the newly established Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Salem State University (CHGS). The center emerged from the work of an interdisciplinary group of Salem State faculty researching and teaching in the areas of Holocaust, genocide studies and human rights. The center was established during the 2013-14 academic year to expand faculty and student research into Holocaust, genocide and human rights; provide training for educators teaching these topics at the 5-12 grades and college/university level or professionals working with clients or the public in areas including human rights and refugees; and to provide a public resource to the community through oral history projects, a speaker series, student visits, study and travel institutes to relevant international sites, and regional and international conferences.

In June 2012, Salem State received a four-year OneWorld Boston, Cummings Foundation Grant to partner with the Holocaust Center, Boston, North (HCBN) in Peabody, Massachusetts to create the new center at Salem State and bring the resources, programs and relationships of the HCBN into this new center on campus. Funding from the Cummings Foundation Grant and collaboration with the HCBN has created a exciting slate of new programs and initiatives already underway: 

15-credit graduate certificate for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (courses starting in summer 2013) 
2013 CHGS lecture series--three lectures in the fall 2013 and spring 2014
Research Conversations - an opportunity for the Salem State community to discuss their research ideas in a roundtable forum
American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Belfer Program-Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators
Rwandan Oral History Project and Rwandan Cultural Day