On-Campus Recruiting

What is on-campus recruiting?
Companies with spring 2013 openings (full-time professional salaried positions) are invited to schedule interview dates to meet with Salem State students and alumni on campus.

Who is eligible? 
Eligible students are undergraduates and graduate students graduating during the 2012-2013 academic year and alumni. To participate, eligible students and alumni must register with career services via CSO/Career Services Online.

How does it work?
Register with career services through CSO/Career Services Online and complete a profile and upload a resume.
• A career services staff member will review your profile/resume and will approve you for on-campus recruiting.
• Regularly check the CSO database to view the updated listing of companies scheduled to interview on campus.
• Submit your resume via CSO by the designated due date.

Then What?
Career services will forward resumes via email to the employer. The employer will select candidates to be interviewed online. Check CSO to see if you have been selected.

What is Resume Referral?
Employers unable to interview on campus due to staffing or schedule constraints may request that career services refer resumes of interested candidates for full-time professional positions. These opportunities will be publicized through CSO/Career Services Online. Employers will contact you directly and schedule an interview off campus.

Canceling an interview is frowned upon. However, you may cancel an interview 24 hours before the interviewer is scheduled to come on campus. Canceling on the day of the interview may only be done in the case of illness or serious personal circumstances. If you do cancel, you must send a note of apology to the interviewer and submit a copy of the note to the career services office.

If you do not show up for a scheduled interview you automatically lose your right to participate in our recruiting program. And, you must send a note of apology to the recruiter and submit a copy of the note to the career services office. Failure to do so will result in the loss of career services privileges.

Do not accept an offer until you are absolutely positive that you plan to work for the company or organization. It is always ok to ask the employer for time to consider the offer.