Majors at Salem State University

Below is a list of majors at Salem State University for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

We also offer undergraduate certificate programs, graduate certificates and licensure only programs in education. A complete list of those programs follows the majors below.

For non-credit certificate programs and classes, visit the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.




Art + Design BA MAT
Athletic Training BS  
Biology BS, BA  
Business Administration BS MBA
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems BS MS
Chemistry BS MAT
Communications BS  
Computer Science BS  
Criminal Justice BS MS
Economics BA, BS  
Education BS
English BA MA, MAT
Fire Science Administration BS
Geography BS MS
Geological Sciences BS MAT
Healthcare Studies BS  
History BA MA, MAT
Liberal Studies BLS  
Mathematics BS MAT, MS
Music and Dance BA  
Occupational Health Studies BS MS
Philosophy BA  
Political Science BA, BS  
Psychology BA, BS  MS
World Languages and Cultures  BA  MAT
Social Work BSW MSW
Sociology BA, BS  
Sport and Movement Science BS  
Theatre Arts BA, BFA  

Undergraduate Credit Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificates 

Business Graduate Certificate in Business
Business Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning
Communications Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications
Computer Science Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Computer Science
Education Advanced Graduate Study in Autism Spectrum Disorders
English Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
English Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies
Geography Graduate Certificate Geo-Information Science
History Graduate Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies
History Graduate Certificate in Public History
Nursing Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education
Political Science Graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Administration
Psychology Advanced Professional Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
Psychology Advanced Professional Studies in Counseling
Sport and Movement Science Graduate Certificate in Sport Development and Management
  Graduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management

Licensure Only Programs (Education)