Meet Your Major

All first year students and new transfer students are required to attend the mandatory Meet Your Major sessions on Monday, September 22 from 11 am to 12:15 pm. This is an opportunity to connect with the faculty in your chosen major, go over the academic requirements within that major, learn more about the advising process and meet your faculty advisor while gathering important information about departmental happenings.

All students who attend will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad Mini as well as other prizes.

  • Theatre students have a separate series of workshops coordinated by the theatre department and do not need to participate in Meet your Major day.
  • Undeclared students will have a special session coordinated by the interdisciplinary studies department, career services, and academic advising focused on the variety of resources and processes to support students in selecting a major. Undeclared students will also find out their advisor who is located in the interdisciplinary studies department until they declare a major.
  • If you are double majoring then you should choose one of the majors to attend and then leave a little early to drop by the other event.  If you are a double major in Education you should attend the Education Meet your Major event.


To request accommodations, please contact the disability services office at 978.542.6217 or


Take a guess at the following famous individuals and what they majored in during their college years. To find out the answers, check out our Meet your Major Facebook page.

Bill Cosby French & The Classics
Ray Romano Economics
Mick Jagger Biochemical Engineering
Martin Luther King, Jr. Sociology
Janet Reno Dentistry
Steven Spielberg English
Brad Pitt English Literature
Ashton Kutcher Accounting
JK Rowling Kinesiology
Mia Hamm Political Science
Reese Witherspoon Journalism
Eva Longoria Physical Education
Thurgood Marshall Chemistry

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