Why Create an Activities Porfolio?

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My Activities Portfolio enables students to track their involvement, record their skills, and reflect on what they’ve gained through these experiences. Students can build-on this record over time throughout their years at Salem State. Use the information collected in My Activities Portfolio to help you:

  • create your resume
  • supplement your application for an on-campus or off-campus job, internship or leadership application
  • identify and plan future activities

Many people have been stumped by the age-old dilemma, "How do you get a job without experience and experience without a job?"

The answer is simple: get involved! There are many activities students become involved in that enable them to gain experience they can use to develop and broaden their skills. These opportunities give students vitally important experience to advance their goals. Whether you want to get a job as a student, an internship or land a job after graduation–getting involved builds your experience and skills. 

For example, every student organization needs a treasurer; use such an opportunity to develop your skills in managing information, making decisions, or budgeting. Similarly, many activities, from teams to committees or groups, require members to work together. Use your involvement as a member of an athletic or intramural team, a university committee, or other student group to develop your skills in communication, problem solving, or teamwork. Use My Activities Portfolio to organize all of these experiences and the skills developed, until you can put this university certified document to work for you. Make your Salem State University experience count!  

Creating a portfolio is easy to do. Simply log on to Navigator and go to the My Activities Portfolio link. Follow the directions there or see the First Time User’s webpage for tips about using the program.