How does it work?

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My Activities Portfolio is your opportunity to create a personalized, online record of your co-curricular activities and the skills you develop through these experiences.  In addition, it can be used to guide your future involvement decisions.  This step-by-step process provides you with two useful documents - -an Activities Portfolio and a Skills Portfolio.      

The Activities Portfolio is a chronological listing of the activities you’ve been involved in at Salem State. The Skills Portfolio is a listing of the skills you’ve developed through these activities.  The tool is self-guiding, but does require the participation of an activities advisor to verify the accuracy of information entered. The result is an official university document, validated by Salem State, that can be a supplement to a resume or job application.

Creating a portfolio is easy to do.  Simply log on to Navigator and go to the My Activities Portfolio link.  Check out our instructions on the right side of this page.

To create My Activities Portfolio students need only to…





Collect experiences through your involvement on campus in student organizations, university committees, athletics, intramurals, leadership opportunities, awards, community service, study abroad, and more. 

Select the activities you’ve participated in; the positions you’ve held; and the time frame you’ve served.  Many of the opportunities to be active on campus are included within My Activities Portfolio, but students can also add new experiences. 

Reflect on what you’ve learned through these experiences.  What have you accomplished?  What skills have you developed?  Choose the skills that you have learned through each involvement opportunity and describe what you have learned through these experiences and how you have developed these skills.

Connect with your activities advisor for each respective activity verify your experience and/or assess your accomplishments.