Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

University stationery and business cards can be ordered online. Authorized users can order their own supplies directly from our supplier, Dupli, on a rolling, as-needed basis. A system of checks and balances ensures that each order adheres to the proper specifications.

Print and Ship Schedule
Friday noon: all orders must be received by Dupli
Tuesday: all orders in by the previous Friday (see above) will be printed
Wednesday: all orders printed on Tuesday will be shipped

We expect orders shipped on Wednesday to arrive at the university by Friday, and to be in recipients' hands by the following Monday.

Need Help?
For assistance during any phase of the ordering process, please click "help" under the "manage my account" section on the left side of the Dupli website. For questions not answered there, click the "contacts" button for a list of email contacts, or call Kym Coogan-Allison at extension 7323.