Writing Style Guide


Supporting Salem State's messaging goals and brand in all correspondence, publications and other communications is important in conveying what we are as an institution.

We invite you to view and download Salem State's Writing Style Guide (PDF, updated May 2014).

Although many employees are confident writers, and have spent years honing their own writing and editing skills, it is important that everyone follow the same basic rules to achieve brand consistency across the university. The writing style for a research paper, for instance, is generally not the same as that used in the public domain. It is not a matter of right or wrong, but rather a matter of supporting Salem State's brand and identity. As language--and Salem State--are always changing, we will update this guide periodically to reflect those developments.

As a general rule, the university adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) as its source guide; in some instances, however, we have made choices that supersede the CMOS. When trying to follow a rule proves awkward or causes confusion, you can often solve the problem by simply re-writing the text in a different way.

Editorially yours, 

Marketing and Communications