Viking Plunge

Viking Plunge

Welcome Vikings! 

Are you excited to PLUNGE into your first year! No, we don't mean jump into the ocean (though how lucky are we to have the waterfront just a few blocks away--COOLEST SCHOOL EVER!). Instead we want you to dive into every experience you can. Immerse yourself in the activities, events and culture that is unique to the Salem State University community. This is YOUR first year so make the most of it. 

To help you, a number of offices and student organizations partner together to present an amazing schedule of events and activities during the first several days designed to help you acclimate to the university, meet your fellow classmates and set yourself up for a year of success. So JUMP IN and do the Viking Plunge!

Viking Plunge will be held from Saturday, September 2 through Friday, September 9, 2016. 200 first year students will be able to start their plunge early as part of the First Year Day of Service on Friday September 1.  The full schedule will be posted over summer 2016. The first day of classes for fall 2016 is Wednesday, September 7. Check back this summer for information on when the dining hall, bookstore, fitness center, and other important offices will be open during that first week.

To request accommodations, please contact disability services at 978.542.6217 or