Departmental Assessment Documents

Writing 1 Assessment Information  

Instructors teaching courses that satisfy the Written Communication 1 (W1) requirements are expected to participate in W1 Assessment.  This assessment is meant to generate data regarding the achievement of course goals articulated within the General Education Curriculum.

This assessment does not measure the performance of students or instructors.  All student and instructor work will be reviewed anonymously.

Past Departmental Information:

Art Assessment Matrix (pdf)
Bertolon School of Business Undergraduate Programs Report (pdf)
Biology Curriculum Map Overview (pdf)
Biology Major Core Map (pdf)
Chemistry Programs Goals 2009 (pdf)  (03.09.10)
English Department Assessment Page  
Geology Assessing the Q (pdf)
Geology Assessment Poster (17mb pdf)
Geology Evaluation 2008 (pdf)
Geology In-Class Activity 2009 (pdf)
Geology In-Class Exercise 2008 (pdf)
Geology Curriculum Map (pdf) (03.16.10)
Geology: Starting Departmental Assessment (pdf)
Geology: Summary of Results of  Assessment  of GLS 100Q Spring 2007 to Fall 2009 (pdf) (03.30.10)
Social Work Assessment Plan (pdf) (posted 11.19.09)