Wellness U


To assist our employees in achieving their wellness goals, Salem State University has created WellnessU. We have created opportunities that will enable our employees a self directed and evolving process to achieve their full potential through multi-dimensional and holistic trainings. These sessions will encompass lifestyle, mental and spiritual well being. This process is designed to allow people to become aware of and make informed choices towards a more successful existence.

Employee Only Yoga

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2/10-4/9
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Ellison Campus Center MLK room
Description: Program is open to all university employees. We will meet in the Ellison Campus Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 pm.  Classes will be held in the MLK room on all dates except 3/3 and 3/24.  On those dates, we will meet in the Metro Room. The program will begin on Tuesday, 2/10 and end on Thursday, 4/9 (will meet during spring break).  Registration deadline is Thursday, 2/5 and you can register by e-mailing Kelly Janos (kjanos@salemstate.edu). 
This Vinyasa flow class is open to all levels and participants can expect to build strength, increase flexibility and gain breath awareness.

Spring Field Day

Dates: Thursday 4/30
Time: 12-6 pm
Location: McKeown Plaza/Quad
Description: Open to the entire Salem State campus community. Come enjoy friendly competition on our giant inflatable obstacle course! Teams will compete to see who can get the fastest time on campus and earn themselves bragging rights.  Campus Partners will also be available with information and giveaways to promote wellness.  Anticipated program date is Thursday, 4/30 from 12-6 pm. More information will follow. Please contact Kelly Janos (kjanos@salemstate.edu) with any questions.

Discovering a Spiritual Practice through Walking Meditation

Dates: Thursdays (beginning 1/22)
Time: 12 pm
Location: Meet in the Ellison Campus Center
Description: College Life, while exciting and inspiring, can also become stressful. Trying to balance friendships, family relationships, and school work is not easy.  Juggling work, family and community obligations can also be draining for employees. While the energy on campus is primarily focused on educating the mind, it is important to tend to our spiritual health as well. Learning a spiritual practice can help create a balanced perspective and restore confidence. There are many ways to discover or reconnect with a spiritual life. This project integrates three pathways: walking, building spiritual companionship, and meditation. With new instructions each week, participation will be open and everyone who comes will be welcome.

What to expect:

  •  A spiritual practice will be introduced during the first 10 minutes of gathering. 
  •  We will agree on a simple phrase/prayer/mantra for centering and conversation. 
  •  A 45 minute walk will take place with opportunities to  be silent or reflect with a spiritual companion. 
  •  A blessing will conclude our time together. 

Each week’s walk will engage the multi-dimensional aspects of being human by incorporating silence, physical activity, and reflective conversation. Bodies, minds, hearts and souls will be challenged with reflections from the following books:
“Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life” by Thich Nhat Hanh
“Living Beautifully” by Pema Chodrin
“The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown

Sun Safety at SSU

Date: March 2015
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Description: Due to the increasing incidence of skin cancer among young and older adults of all ethnicities and genders and the Surgeon General’s call to action this July 2014 to address skin cancer as a major public health concern, this program will aim to educate the community about how to protect themselves from the dangers of UV exposure and prevent skin cancer. Be on the look-out for sunscreen stations, opportunities to sign up for free skin exams, and inter-departmental outreach events across campus during February and March 2015, in partnership with local businesses, to help you identify your risks for skin cancer and learn how you can best protect yourself and minimize your risks.

5 Element Qigong

Dates: April 9, 16, 23, 30
Time: 5-6:15 pm
Location: O'Keefe 103
Description: This 5 Element Qigong will be taught as both a Train the Trainer Program and for those Interested in Experiencing the 5 Element Qigong to facilitate their own wellness and a healthy world. Qigong is often a short form of Tai Chi with holding postures and/ or slower movements.  This program is open for novice to experts in Tai Chi  and to individuals with various levels of physical fitness as the 5 Element Qigong can be done standing or sitting and within one’s own physical abilities and/or restrictions.  Employees with a background in ~ and students preparing for ~ a career in education, counseling, health care, physical and recreational training can utilize program components in their future practice. This program is based on ancient Native American/First People/Chinese/Indian teaching.

Improving Overall Wellness (Session 1 in a series of 3)

Date: Monday 3/2
Time: 12-1 pm
Location: Veterans Hall
Description: This session is designed for individuals of all ages who are interested and ready to take measurable steps to improve one’s overall health and wellness.  Nine (9) pillars of effective and realistic health strategies and practices will be addressed that coincide with the dimensions of wellness Wellness U supports.  This will be conducted through the use of discussion, question and answer and a power point presentation to guide the discussion. 

Healthy Weight Loss (Session 2 in a series of 3)

Date: Thursday 3/26
Time: 4-5pm
Location: Ryan Hall (Meier 426)
Description: This session is designed for individuals of all ages, ability and activity levels as well as those with or without any dietary limitations of related ailments such as diabetes. Those looking to learn about healthy, effective and long lasting weight loss techniques and recommendations are encouraged to attend. Topics of stress, activity, diet, sleep, support systems will be addressed. This will be conducted through the use of discussion, question and answer and a power point presentation to guide the discussion. 

Paleo 101: Learning about Paleolithic Eating (Session 3 in a series of 3)

Date: Monday, 4/13
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Ryan Hall (Meier 426)
Description: This session is designed for individuals of all ages who are interested in learning and discussing Paleo eating and living. Those looking to learn about Paleo and other similar methodologies to improve their overall eating and healthy behavior/living habits are encouraged to attend. This will be conducted through the use of discussion, question and answer and a power point presentation to guide the discussion.

Strength, Conditioning and Mobility for Runners

Date: Thursday, 4/23
Time: 4-5 pm
Location: TBA
Description: This session is designed for medically healthy individuals of all ages who are currently involved in recreational or competitive jogging/running or those looking to begin a jogging/running regimen. The session will focus on simple yet effective strength and conditioning movements and mobility exercises to help improve performance and prevent overuse injuries. This will be conducted through both discussion and activity where participants will be guided through the exercises.

Mindfulness Meditation

Dates/Times: Tuesday 3/3, 3/10, 3/24; 5-6 pm
Wednesday 3/4, 3/11, 3/25; 12-1 pm
Location: Tuesdays – The Metro, Wednesdays – The Underground
Description: Meditation, the age old practice of quieting the mind, is a well-researched process that may promote numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual health benefits.  Come join fellow members of the Salem State community in an hour-long mindfulness-based meditation group where you can learn and practice specific techniques, and receive information on how meditation positively impacts mind and body.  This group welcomes everyone, whether you are a first-time meditator or you have a long-standing committed practice. We will meditate comfortably in chairs – no sitting on the floor required!