Wellness U


To assist our employees in achieving their wellness goals, Salem State University has created WellnessU. We have created opportunities that will enable our employees a self directed and evolving process to achieve their full potential through multi-dimensional and holistic trainings. These sessions will encompass lifestyle, mental and spiritual well being. This process is designed to allow people to become aware of and make informed choices towards a more successful existence. Discover what Wellness U can do for you!

We encourage you to take part in any and all opportunities made available through Wellness U. Please directly contact the program administrator for more information on a particular opportunity. If you wish to inquire generally about Wellness U, please email wellnessu@salemstate.edu.

Learn more about our free employees only pilates classes, Zumba classes and cardio kickboxing.

Experiencing Wildlife

Program Description:
All Experiencing Wildlife symposia will begin with a discussion of wellness and the inter-relativity of the dimensions of wellness to the day’s topic. Following that discussion, an expert will lead a talk on the biology, ecology, politics and/or recreational opportunities related to particular wildlife species. Symposia will be paired with a field trip to see these species in their natural environments.

The five pairs of symposia and field trips include:
1) Speaker on biology and ecology of seals/Field trip to Rockport for seal cruise;
2) Speaker on birds/Field trip to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary;
3) Speaker on wolves and coyotes/Field trip to Wolf Hollow, Ipswich;
4) Speaker on whales/Field trip to Gloucester for whale watch;
5) Speaker on bees and other pollinators/Work on pollinator garden, Salem.

The programs would be coordinated by an inter-disciplinary group of faculty from the departments of Political Science, SMS, Communications, Biology and Psychology who are involved in the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Unit, which is located in the Bates Center for Public Affairs in the political science department.

Contact: Professor Katharine Bloom, kbloom@salemstate.edu