Network Access Control (NAC)

Salem State University uses a Network Access Control (NAC) system across all the campus wired/wireless networks. 

The purpose of a NAC system is to prevent compromise of the computers that connect to the network or other network resources. When a computer infected with a virus connects to the SSU network, it can infect other connected computers or even damage infrastructure such as servers and network gear. The best mitigation against this risk is to ensure that any computer seeking connection to the SSU network has effective Antivirus (AV). A Network Access Control system enables IT departments to deny network access to unprotected computers and to guide the user to links where appropriate Antivirus can be downloaded.

This is how it works. The NAC checks each computer as it connects to be sure AV is installed, running and that it is a current version. If not, the user is automatically quarantined. To be removed from quarantine, the user must either enable/update their existing Antivirus or download/install a new one. Links are provided to both free and fee-based AV’s. Even though the computer has been quarantined, our NAC allows access to AV vendors’ web sites.

Connecting using wireless. Connect to the wireless network SalemState to begin. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your SSU login. Windows users will be presented with a Security Alert. Click on Connect. Open your web browser and follow the instructions until you have gained connectivity.

Your wireless device must support WPA2 enterprise to connect. This is available in most devices. Some exceptions are many smart TVs, media devices, most gaming devices, such as Wii, Xbox and PlayStation. For these devices, please use a wired connection.

To report wireless connectivity issues, please send an email with the building and room along with the date and time to

Connection using a wire. Network jacks are available in every dorm room. Plug your device into an active network port (the network port is usually the port on the bottom, or the right hand side of each faceplate). After connecting your device, power it on. Open a web browser. Follow any directions until you have successfully gained connectivity. NOTE: Gaming consoles will require network registration. To do this, use a device actively connected to the Salem State network and visit . Carefully follow the instructions on that page.

For smart TVs and media devices, please contact the ITS help desk and we will work with you to get the device active. Please attempt to determine the MAC address of your device before calling.

Questions can be directed to the ITS help desk at or 978.542.2036. Students can also visit our walk-in student laptop support center in Central Campus Building 1 (Bertolon Building), near the dining facility, under the stairway.