Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a pre-paid benefit that provides short-term counseling and when needed referral services to Salem State University faculty and staff, and their household members. This free service to employees and their household members is provided by The Wellness Corporation. The EAP is staffed by licensed counselors who respond quickly to your request for help in a caring, respectful and confidential manner.

Why would I use the EAP?

Please seek EAP counseling for help with relationship difficulties, parent-child worries, workplace issues, trauma, alcohol or drug use, domestic violence, or emotional distress, or any other concern that is a barrier to health and well-being. Many people consult the EAP just be reassured that what they are experiencing is a typical response to a concern such as job loss, divorce or the serious illness or death of a loved one. The EAP does not replace or prevent you from accessing the mental health benefits of your own medical insurance. 

Employee smoking cessation programs -  Healthy Start and Smoking Cessation Program

Financial Difficulties - If you are experiencing problems with credit card debt or other financial difficulties, the EAP can help you get started with American Consumer Credit Counseling. You will get help recovering your financial health, setting up emergency budgets, negotiating with creditors or considering the personal bankruptcy process.

Legal Questions - The EAP will provide a lawyer for a free telephone legal consultation and referral to a local attorney. This attorney will offer you free services at a 25 percent discount on legal fees. This has become a popular benefit and provides help with trusts, wills, small claims, divorce, custody, and child support, consumer complains and other personal legal issues.

Wellness Work Life - Articles, tip sheets, videos, health appraisals, wellness assessments, financial calculators, and quick reference links on various topics can be found at: WellnessWorkLife.com. First-time users on the WorkLife website will need to register by clicking on the left button to create a User Name and Password. Your Company Name is: Salem State University (case sensitive). Upon successful registration, you will be given full and confidential access to the site.

How often can I use the EAP?

You have a 1-3 session model EAP. You and your household members may have up to 3 sessions with an EAP clinician per problem, per year. If the employee or household member needs additional services beyond the EAP, your counselor will continue with you, accessing your health care insurance, or will make a referral to an appropriate resource.

Are these services confidential?

Yes, no one will know you use the EAP unless you tell them. Information you discuss with an EAP counselor remains private unless you sign a release of information, permitting the EAP to contact a specific person. Only in rare instances does the law require a licensed counselor to notify an outside party. These situations occur when there is a serious threat to self or others or the abuse/neglect of a child, elder or disabled person.

How do you contact the EAP?

Call 1.800.828.6025. To schedule an appointment, call The Wellness Corporation's toll-free number during regular business hours, Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am to 6 pm, and Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm. The Wellness Corporation is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays for emergencies.

Information that you will find on the Wellness website is at this link.

To log into their website you will need to go to wellnesscorp.personaladvantage.com/ and enroll. First-time users on the Work Life website will need to register by clicking on the left button to create a User Name and Password. Your Company Name is: salem state university (case sensitive). Upon successful registration, you will be given full and confidential access to the site.